Silver Blue Lining

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Oh, how I've missed blogging so much! It has been more than 3 weeks since I last blogged and it feels really weird. My fingers have been itching and I'm feeling restless because of the fact that I have postponed so many things that I want to blog about. A lot of things happened good, bad and interesting that I've been wanting to share but time has not permitted me to. I've been focusing on aere and my own health. The haze has really affected my health this time around and I've been home bound most days. However, I am glad that the weather is getting better because of the rain the past few days. Alhamdulillah the sky seems brighter and we can see more clearly now. After the gloom comes the bright, sunshiny day. :) 

"Every cloud has a silver lining".

A lot has happened the past one month and every single day I was thinking about the things that I want to share over here. It has also been a busy, hectic and emotional month this past month for me and I don't even know where to begin with the blog! 

So I begin here with sharing this look I wore yesterday for my brother-in-law's wedding outside KL. Khubayb, the family, relatives and I went road tripping for his solemnisation on Saturday and then we slept overnight at a cozy home stay place to go the the bride's reception yesterday on a beautiful Sunday. 

The theme for our side of the family for the reception yesterday was grey and blue so I wore this combination of aere's URSA Top in Blue and ISSORIA Drape Skirt in Silver. It was really windy when these shots were taken and that made me feel so happy. For the purpose of this OOTD shoot which was done after the wedding on our way back to KL, I tucked in the front part of the top, but probably I'll share how I wore the URSA tucked out to attend the wedding in another post.

I love the ISSORIA so much and I remember how hard I worked with the team in perfecting this design when aere first launched the Nature of Grace collection last year. It has all things that I appreciate. Pleats, folds and drapes. It took many many months to have it just the way I specifically wanted it. This skirt is very dear to my heart as it was aere's first ever skirt released during the release of aere's first ever collection last year in 2014. A lot of people asked me for a restock and due to popular demand from aere's lovers I decided to release the ISSORIA in new elegant coloursthat I myself love last Monday, 14th September 2015

Me being a fan of neutral and basic coloured pieces, I love to keep everything in the same colour and tone, in this case aere's silver ISSORIA and grey Sugarscarf and one particular piece which pops out like this aere's URSA Top in Blue. 

I wore this skirt in blue in my post 9 months ago ISSORIA Blues. Reminiscing :) Till my next post! All photos captured by @kneok the Khubs.


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  1. thank you for the skirt. i bought the black one and love it so much!!

    1. Good to know! :) Thanks for the love and support :)

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  2. Dah la cantik..akak la idola fesyen saya

    1. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih. Semua milk Allah. :)