Bold Baby Blue

12:41:00 PM

This is what I wore today. I have a meeting and a briefing today and I just thought of wearing something more formal with an edge and a touch of a fun colour which I rarely wear. A different shade of blue.

I'm feeling this all black look with a pop of bold baby blue today. Paired the OSTRIA Classic Longline Dress Shirt, SALVIA Faux Leather Trimmed Blazer, ASTER Faux Leather Trimmed Pants and Sugarscarf.   

This look reminds me of my post Powering Confidence which I did a while back. It feels like that was a long long time ago. How time flies.

Ibnu Aswan captured this OOTD shots of me with Farid's camera because I left my lens. The camera and lens are pretty awesome and I'm tempted to change mine to this camera!

Till my next post! Happy working everybody!



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  1. suka sangat kasut u

    1. Thanks! It's from Charles & Keith :) Go get it!

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