Peplum and Stripes for Raya

12:19:00 PM

So I wore this outfit when I went to FV's open house which I blogged about in my post "One Year with FV - Open House". It's the Lana Modern Peplum Kurung with Striped Panels in 2 of my fav colours. Blue and Nude. I also like it because I get a free belt with it. The outfit is from emel x Liyana Jasmay available at FV.

Coincidentally, when I was about to go down from the car on the way to the carpark I saw Melinda Looi walking out of the open house. And juuustt as we were about to find our parking at KLGCC, the spot that we took was actually her spot as she just went out of that spot in her car. Didn't get to say hi but it was a real coincidence as both Balqis and I in the car were actually wearing emel on that day. Random. :) I know.

Anyways, I just realised that since 2013 I've had pieces of emel's raya collaboration outfits. I wore emel for raya last year too and they invited me as one of the 6 bloggers to attend a buka puasa, charity and fashion event together with Diana Danielle. (I just realised I haven't blogged about that event -_- Too late now.

Anyways, you can see "Laced with Intricacies" for my Raya 2014 look and "Raya on Fire Part 2 : Black Eid | Gold Look" for my Raya 2013 look in emel by Melinda Looi. I wore an emel shawl too in my post "Weekend Style : Baby Yusuf's Birthday" and also found a post I did 4 years ago in 2011 of me wearing a Melinda Looi Shawl in my post Dusty PleatsI started to wear their raya outfits when I blogged two years ago about their Raya 2013 collection with dear Diana Amir. At that time I was invited by them to walk the runway with other personalities, bloggers and influencers, friends to Diana (Blogged in Giveaway Diana Amir x emel Fashion Show Tickets). I paired the whole look with a Sugarscarf which matched the skirt, bag and shoes.


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  2. u looks simply gorgeous in ur outfit =)

    1. Thanks dear. Alhamdulillah :)

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  6. its a beautiful white peplum top