Pink Blocks

4:08:00 PM

Hello and salam dear readers. :) I wasn't a fan of pink when I grew up. My favourite colour has always been blue but pink has slowly grown on me without me realising it. Sometimes, we don't even realise but we slowly fall for a certain colour. The more we say we're not into it, the more we love it! It was people around me who made me realise that I've been wearing a lot of pink recently (even though sometimes I'm still in denial of that fact) Hehe.

Anyways, this is one of the looks I wore for the photoshoot and interview with a magazine recently. They asked me to wear one look which I would wear for raya this year, so I chose to mix and match aere's CARINA Top, the VELA Skirt and the aere x dUCk scarf all in pink. Eventhough the pieces can separately be worn with other pieces to create casual looks or looks to be worn for work. I love it when one piece can be worn with other pieces to create different looks. All we need to do is just be creative :)

Kneok quickly took these shots in between the photoshoot with the magazine that Sunday. You can read about the shoot and see the other looks I wore for the shoot at Silver URSA and  Not Everything is Black or White. I also posted an almost similar one-colour look in yellow at Ray of Sunshine.


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