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Time really flies! Raya is coming up in a few days and I feel like I haven't done enough this month even though I've tried my very best. 

I feel like it was just yesterday when I talked about aere and hinted on the aere x dUCk collaboration during the interview on BFM Radio (read - aere On Air : BFM Radio Station). That was actually 2 months ago and at the same time I felt that so many things have happened in between! The day I went for that interview I also blogged and mentioned about how busy I was working on a few exciting things (see Powering Confidence). Some has actually passed by and was a success and some I'm still working like crazy on right now with my team. The fashion show at Royale Chulan went well and the releases of the aere x dUCk collaboration went well at all stockists too. The response has been really good online and offline for the recent releases and I cannot describe how thankful I am for the overwhelming support, love and response by everyone.  I'm going to mention it again and again because I really feel that I can't say thank you enough. Alhamdulillah.

Today, aere is in the news again about the aere x dUCk collaboration with dUCkscarves. It was a write-up from the interview with the press they did of me and Vivy Yusof right after the aere's aere EID Fashion Show 2015 presenting the aere x dUCk pieces. I remember there were a number of them from the press who pulled me away from the crowd to do quick interviews but at the end there were more who actually called both Vivy and me aside to have a very longgg interview (it was until midnight).  

To read the article  scroll below as I scanned the feature for records purposes :) I actually have a lot of BTS photos but I'll share in future posts hopefully. 

Thank you NST and Amalina Kamal for the accurate reporting of the collaboration and the interview and Happy 170 years Birthday! :)

I'm truly humbled by all the features. All might and power comes from the Almighty and everything belongs to Him and everything happens as He wills it. All praises to the Creator for all the gifts and blessings. Happy last few days before Raya everyone. Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin. :) Be safe when travelling during the raya season and enjoy your time with your loved ones! 


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