Golden Oxblood

11:29:00 PM

You know when I said I had a LOT of unpublished drafts, I wasn't kidding. After going through some of the drafts here, I found this one. Can you imagine that this has been waiting to be published since April 2015 and somehow I never just got the chance to publish it until now? I know, right. I'm trying to clear off all my backlog of unpublished drafts. We'll see how well that goes. :)

Anyways, I intended to share with you guys this lookpost of what I wore for my husband's birthday dinner earlier this year on the 5th of April. Gold is a very rich colour that not only attracts attention to it, but also elevates and brings out other colours worn with it. I wore this VIOLA Skirt in oxblood from aere which is also a very deep and rich colour. The gold shawl balances the oxblood very evenly. Since I was going out for a dinner, I chose to wear a deep maroon lipstick to go with the skirt. The skirt is one of my favourites as it has a lot of shape and heft, giving me a structured feel. There is also just a little subtle shine from the fabric, which is not too flashy, but not too dull either. When photos of it are taken with flash, it looks a bit shiny, but in real life the faux-leather effect is actually very subtle. I'm quite happy with how this skirt from aere's Blossoming of Grace collection turned out. (See Blossoms of Indigo and Pastel Blocks to see how I styled the VIOLA in other colours)

I've always been looking for a gold shawl,  so I decided to try this one from Chique Veils. Their shawls are mainly from Turkey. It's square though, so I had to figure out a different way to wear it than my normal rectangle shawls. I remember the last time I wore squared shawls was when I was in university and when I started chambering many, many years ago.  I quite liked the outcome. It looks very flowy.

I wore a neutral coloured top to tone down the look. My fav part of the Bishop Sleeve Crop Top in Nude by Maatin Shakir from Fashion Valet is the sleeves of course. I've always loved this kind of vintage look sleeves and it feels so comfortable wearing it. Since it's a cropped top, I wore a black spaghetti strap top inside. 

These pictures were captured quite late evening just before I went to dinner with the husband. Bless him for taking these photos on his birthday :p Hehe. Until my next post!


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