Dreams Do Change : WW Magazine Feature

5:31:00 PM

I must have been so busy that I totally forgot that I haven't shared about this feature with WW Magazine! I've intended to blog about it when it came out but a month has actually passed by. Time flies extremely fast this 2015, don't you think? I cannot even describe how busy I have been this past year. In a good way of course :) Busy is good.

Anyways, my interview with WW Magazine (Wanita & Wawasan) was featured in their May  2015 issue. They asked me about how I started to get involved with the fashion industry, whether I've actually dreamt about running my own fashion label since I was little, the bonuses and challenges of being in the fashion industry, my inspirations, how I define my personal style and a few other questions. You can read the answers in the article which I've scanned and shared here, below :)

I love doing interviews because sometimes it makes me look back at what I'm doing  at the time through a different perspective. Sometimes, when we are just so busy, we don't even realise the bigger picture. But, when someone asks you questions, you start to pause and reflect on what you're doing or have been striving to achieve. It's put everything back into perspective.

They also featured photos from aere's Nature of Grace collection and the Blossoming of Grace collection featuring my dear friends Ruzana Ibrahim and Lisa Surihani (See my post : Behind the Blossoming : Part 1 on the fun shoot we did together)

They featured aere in the interview they did with me as well as a fashion feature in another section titled career woman in action. You can read the full interview below. :) 

Till my next post.


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