Behind the Blossoming : Part 2

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We did this scene for the aere shoot to show how I'm in the middle of doing my work running my own label, aere. One of the things that I do continuously since I started aere is planning collections. Usually, when I come up with a collection I already have in my mind what I want. For instance, how many tops, jackets, bottoms or dresses do I want to make, what kind of fabric as well as the colours or theme for it. I usually decide on what I myself would want to wear. I will then have a meeting to brainstorm with my production and design team with my assistant designer, Ina and she'll come up with sketches based on the directions that I gave. So they will translate what I want into beautiful sketches for me to choose from. When I've chosen them, technical drawings will be prepared for me to comment on and then we will send it out to the manufacturer. After about 1 or 2 weeks, we will receive the samples made by the sample makers based on the technical drawings we sent out and then we have to make amendments to the samples and sometimes the samples need to be made again and again until we are finally happy with the end result before I decide to approve it for it to go into production. This process can be quite long as some designs would take longer than the other. So actually it all starts with a vision and imagination of how I picture it to be.I'll share and go more on detail on the processes of how I do my work soon on the blog. (I initially wanted to keep this post really short) :D

Back to the content of this post. :) The photos in this post are all behind-the-scenes shots of me taken by @kneok at Lisa's kitchen earlier this year. Disclaimer though, when I'm doing work or have a meeting with my team on designs or production, it's usually much much more messier than this! And sometimes I do have meeting with them in the pantry, but not a proper beautiful kitchen like this! Hehe. You can also see some paper dolls cutting on the table. I actually asked my team to cut that out for me for me to mix and match the looks for my catalogue shoot at around the same time as well as for that shoot. I needed to have something visual to plan out and coordinate different looks and the paper dolls really helped me doing that. It actually reminded me of how I love to play dress up with using paper dolls. The joy!

Anyway, in this scene, I styled a casual look wearing aere's OLIVA Oversized Buttoned Cuff Top, VIOLA Faux Leather Pleated Skirt and a dUCk scarf

I'll share with you the next scene here on the blog soon!

This  is a continuation of my post Behind the Blossoming : Part 1 where I blogged about the first scene of the shoot I did with my dears Lisa Surihani and Ruzana Ibrahim for the Blossoming of Grace collection where we did a shoot outdoors of us having tea and desserts while chit-chatting. You can also read Dreams Do Change : WW Magazine Feature. where the Blossoming of Grace collection was featured. Click aere to browse the available full collection.


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