Winds of Glad Tidings

10:42:00 PM

They say the wind brings good tidings, and it was so apt that it was such a windy evening when I decided to ask the husband to take this OOTD last night. I initially dressed up for an event which I couldn't attend at the very last minute because of other work matters.  Nonetheless, we took some OOTD shots under some nice bright lights.

It was supposed to be a pretty glam event. So I wore the LILIUM Sequinned Cardigan over the gold HEDERA Glister top. I love the subtle black shine which to me just exudes an exciting sparkle.

For me, there is no other scarf brand to choose when it comes to a glam night out. dUCkscarves satin silks are really the top of my choice. They just have a classy sheen that's unmatched.

That's why I was super excited when I got together with D over lunch a few months ago and a collaboration was discussed. It was really a no-brainer, as you can see, I always pair my clothes with dUCkscarves. But I personally feel that there's this chemistry between aere and dUCk. I really look up to dUCkscarves as a model of a successful fast-rising brand also with a great online presence. And when we did our first fashion show together last year (read about it here), I had lots of fun with the dUCk team and the idea of a collaboration had been planted at the back of my mind. 

So now that it's coming to reality, I'm really really excited and pumped up for the collaboration. Its something that's inspired from a long-love of mine, and D and I had a really fun time tweaking and choosing on the design and colours. 

This look was completed by a skirt that's going to be released from the aere x dUCk collection! (You guys already guessed it right). I'm just in love with the skirt, it's already my firm favourite because it can be worn three ways because of the adjustable zippers. 

So the winds do bring glad tidings. :) Im sure fans of aere and the hardcore dUCkies will like the collaboration. InsyaAllah. We're also running a contest so stay tuned to @aere's IG and @duckscarves.

I'm trying not to reveal too much here, but it's just so exciting. Will share more on the blog soon.  :)

All photos by @kneok.


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