Ray of Sunshine

1:23:00 PM

Hello and salam dear readers :)

For those of you who are fasting, happy fasting. I'm such in a good mood since yesterday. It must be because it's the first day of Ramadhan today. It's my favourite month in the Islamic calendar because of many many reasons. And it has begun :)

Last night after work the husband and I rushed off to Masjid Wilayah. There were just so many people and we couldn't find parking anywhere so we had to park at the KL Court. I love the feeling. It almost feels like I was in Madinah and Mekkah earlier this year. I felt Love. Last night was my first night with Love entering Ramadhan and I'm on a natural high.

After that we visited one of my aunts who were in the hospital for a major surgery. It was good to also catch up with my cousins and aunt at the hospital. We didn't realise it but we stayed at the hospital for quite a while and we only reached home at 1am.

This morning Khubayb woke me up for sahur and we had a simple sahur together. I decided to wear this all yellow look today to represent my happiness. I felt pretty cheerful when I woke up this morning. I'm wearing aere's LACERTA Top, VELA Skirt and aere x dUCk scarf, all in yellow. All of the pieces I'm wearing today are from aere x dUCk collection. Even my shoes are yellow! It's pastel yellow too, so the colour doesn't overpower the rest of the outfit. The dUCkscarves will be released soon so stay tuned to aere and duckscarves IG (from now onwards) because we also have a surprise for you TOMORROW!

I'm just feeling super excited and happy right now. I'm not always this cheerful! I know, you might have noticed that. But today, I'm just feeling grateful. Thanks to the Almighty, I'm able to reach and experience another Ramadhan. It's a blessing and a gift. So, congratulations to all of us for being able to reach another Ramadhan. All praises to the Creator and the Most Merciful.

Happy Ramadhan everyone. May our deeds be accepted and may we all be blessed with His Love and blessings. Please forgive me if I have ever offend or hurt you in any way. Forgive me. May God forgive us all through our patience and deeds in this blessed month. May the Most Loving and Most Merciful blessed us with physical and spiritual strength and patience throughout this whole month and beyond.


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  1. Ikon fesyen yang cantik gilesss...suka sgt...

  2. Thank you dear. All praises to God