Modern Lace

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Ah!! It's finally good to be able to blog again! I went for a quick getaway to Phuket with my close childhood friend Dr. Sarah last weekend and had a really, really busy week when I came back. 

Anyway, kneok and I went to our friend's wedding, Atika Tiks and Olivier at Grand Dorsett Subang at noon today. Will share some photos with the bride and groom together with the lovely peeps here in the blog later k. I wore a dress which I have just purchased this past week.  I couldn't wait till Raya to wear it so I wore it today! :p Love the shade of my favourite colour blue, the ribbon tie at the waist and of course the modern lace at the top back and front. Makes me feel so feminine and as though I'm walking on air. Today was such a sunny and windy day and I loved the effect it had on my dress, when I was taking the OOTDs :)

II am wearing the Tie Front Kurta Dress in Blue from Alia B. But some people at the wedding thought it was a two piece. I actually wanted to purchase the two-piece too but the one in the colour I wanted is already sold out! And actually for this one I'm wearing a size bigger than my normal size (size S) because Size S is also sold out! Alia B's Raya collection is available at FashionValet but I have to tell you, they are selling out really fast!

Alia B. is basically Alia Bastamam's diffusion line. Alia Bastamam is one of few respected Malaysian fashion designers that I find very talented, inspirational and creative. In Silver Lilium Night I mentioned that I went to Alia Bastamam's bridal fashion show at KL Hilton. It was an amazing showcase which I haven't blogged about yet (but I've uploaded a video where I captured the finale of the show on my You Tube account). In 2011, I blogged about the Fashion Showcase of Alia Bastamam & Pu3

This look reminds me of a similar look I wore around the same time last year when I wore a laced raya look but in a different colour. See my post: Laced with Intricacies.

Life has been really really hectic this past couple of months but I really miss blogging and hope to write more soon! So many things happening and so many things to share here. Expect to see more of my writings soon insyaAllah :) Have a great weekend!


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  1. the dress is so beautiful..if my body slim like you sis..hmmm

  2. Gorgeous.! :)