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11:26:00 AM

How was your weekend? Hope it is filled with lots of love and some family time :) I spent my Saturday night buka puasa (breaking fast) with my in-laws and last night I was with my parents. With the husband of course. :) I also spent it working during the day and had a photoshoot and interview yesterday with a magazine. Since I started work many many years ago, I've learned that during the fasting month we should be more hardworking and more productive. Fasting is no excuse for us to slack or be lazy. It feels good even though I must admit that my body does act up when I'm too exhausted.

After Khubayb and I came back home from our buka puasa with my parents and brother last night, my father surprised me after midnight and sent me 2 copies of these Mingguan Malaysia because aere's story of the latest aere x dUCk collaboration is in it. My father is the best! (will blog about the fathers day buka puasa for my husband and father soon).

I must also add, some people wonder how can I be so into the arts in all its form, I must mention that most of it came from my dad. He's the biggest influencer in that sense. :) He was the one who brought me to art galleries, concerts and theatres since I was very little. In fact, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be at the art book shop to buy my first Piet Mondrian art book when I was little and I would't have been able to witness Piet Mondrian's paintings when I was just 11 years old. :) So yes, I really have to thank my dad for  unintentionally (or intentionally hehe) influencing me to love the arts, in all its forms.

Anyways, here are photos I captured of the Mingguan Malaysia newspaper this morning. You can read it below. 

I just found out that there's another feature in The Sun Daily today too!!! Alhamdulillah. The support from the media is amazing :) Will share about that in the blog soon too.

Check out the aere x dUCk collection by clicking aere.


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