Golden Glitters

10:43:00 PM

Hello lovely readers :)

With all the designers getting busy for the Raya season, you're bound to pick up some really good pieces that's perfect for Raya. I confess, despite the very hectic schedule, I'm always on the look out for great pieces that I can wear for Raya and beyond.

I've had my eye on Tsyahmi's sleek white Bainun Kurung ensemble since it launched on Fashion Valet. It's a white and gold combo kurung. The top has a nice little cape at the back and lovely detailing at the front. The original piece also comes with white skants as the bottom. However, I decided to up the glam a little and play more on the white gold theme.

So I paired the Bainun Kurung Top with aere's TILIA Sequinned Pants in Gold. It matched the gold theme perfectly. The Tilia sequinned pants are made of a different type of sequins than the Zerene. It doesn't shine or reflect light as much, but it has just a little bit of subtle shine to stand out without going overboard. It's even suitable to be worn during the day time.

I topped off this look with a gold dUCk scarf. Again, the white gold combo is one of my all-time favourites, it's timeless and elegant appeal really makes you look fresh and somewhat.. pure. Haha. I had quite a lot of fun too deciding what to pair the Bainun Kurung top with, and I'm sure I'll be trying to mix and match more of these Raya pieces in my daily outfits too.

Photos by @kneok.


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