Exploring Phuket 2: All-White at Palm Seafood

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So, after our lunch at Dirham Restaurant (read my previous post Exploring Phuket 1 : Getting Around & The Hotel), we stopped by a supermarket to prepare for our plan for the following day: a day trip to Racha Island! Me and the girls bought a lot of stuff as we planned to cook our own breakfast and bring our own lunch with us for the following day. I think I'll share with you what we bought and ate in my post about Racha Island itself. After what was a hectic day, we rested in the hotel room for the evening. I guess both Khubayb and I were a bit tired after that long day, so we slept for a while. But the girls managed to watch the sunset from the jacuzzi at our balcony while both the husband and I had our much needed beauty sleep. (Must admit I was pretty bummed that I didn't get to see the sunset but our bodies needed the rest and I managed to see their photos hehe).

After an hour or so of rest, we got ready for dinner and had a phtoshoot session at our room (at the kitchen living room and all) channelling Desperate Housewives or Gossip Girls. Hehe. (Will probably about that in another post) The dinner was planned by Sarah. She told us before hand that it was the birthday of her good friend and roommate in Russia when the were studying medicine Tasya, so she wanted us to wear something all white. And we did! She also booked dinner at this place called Palm Seafood Restaurant. 

L-R : Sarah, Me, Tasya Nasir, Ezaty and Ieja

Birthday girl, Tasya.


So to go with the theme, I wore aere's White Rosea Top and paired it with the aere's Aquila Skirt from the aere x dUCk collection (to be released TOMORROW at Fashion Valet, Modvier and ShoesShoesShoesI wore the KL cityline duckscarf and loved the print of the KL skyline. You know, my hubs always brings his Malaysia football jersey whenever he goes travel and tries to wear it around when he can and I always thought it was funny. But I guess, I can feel a certain sense of Malaysian pride when I wear the KL cityline dUCkscarf to proudly present our country in our own little way. Isn't that right?

Anyway, the restaurant itself wasn't too far from our hotel. But be warned: the road going there is a bit scary.  So if you're planning to check out this place, just trust your GPS, even though at times it looked as if the roads were leading you to nowhere and there was not much light. Luckily, we had my husband Khubayb as our trusted driver and there were a few of us so it wasn't that scary. All the photos were taken by @kneok too. Hehe. 

But when we finally arrived there, I was quite shocked. Literally, in the middle of nowhere, there was a jaw-dropping restaurant. The pictures really couldn't do it justice. It was such a beautiful restaurant with a beautiful sea view. The music, the ambiance, the decor fire, it was all just perfect. And we were all dressed in white too which was just perfect for the classy restaurant and classy view. The seats and tables were surrounded by water and fire. It was a unique combination of the elements which refreshed our senses.

The service was good and the waiters all spoke good English and were very attentive. Sarah and I ordered different dishes of lobster: Both were really, really superb! The food portion was just nice. We had a really great time chit-chatting, and I listen to a lot of great doctor stories too. And (what else) we took LOTS of photos too! It was really a restaurant where we took our time : we had our appetizers, enjoyed dinner, shared a little bit of dessert, and stayed on for the soothing jazz music alternating with the calm and peaceful sound of the gentle waves at night almost til closing time. The gentle breeze too was also a plus. We were the last to leave that night.

In short, it was only one day in Phuket and yet it was already a beautiful and relaxing experience that really helped me to unwind. I remember going to sleep eagerly anticipating what we had in store for the following day: The trip to Racha Island! That's a story for another time, though. 

Ps : Tonight I'll share a surprise at the blog about aere's launch of a new collection tomorrow. Stay tuned!

To be continued...


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  1. cantik giles akak..suka sangat..akak pakai ape pun still cantik..semuanya sesuai..akak..bagi tips sikit nak cari gaya yg sesuai bagi budak chubby ni..hehehe