aere Fashion Show 2015 : Part 2 : Full Video

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Excited mode : ON!!! Finally, the full video is here! And not a second too late too! If you follow my instagram, @aere's instagram and my previous posts here on the blog you would know that some thing big is coming up TOMORROW! (hint: aere's first ever collaboration with the new cool for scarves).

Here's the full video of the highlights captured during the aere EID Fashion Show 2015 presenting the aere x dUCk collection at Royale Chulan KL. I already shared hints of the fashion show, how I felt and a short 15-second video teaser in my post aere Fashion Show 2015 : Part 1, two weeks ago.

I decided to engage a videographer at the very last minute, I think just a day before the show. It was just a crazy super busy period and I thought: hey since there's a lot of hard work put into it by everyone, it would be a waste if the whole show was not recorded and not shared here in my blog. Glad I managed to find the videographer Najmin who agreed to do it at the very last minute and did quite a good job at capturing the feel and mood of the event. He actually recorded a few performance I did with the husband and his band for lawyers events. Even though not everything was captured (even I know that's impossible) but I'm glad he captured most of the highlights of the event. :) I can't wait to see the raw clips too!

Watching the (almost) 3 minutes video makes me smile and makes me relive the entire show that I was probably a little too nervous to enjoy (check out my inadvertent tersasul in the interview: "it turned well" hehe). I was also backstage a lot of the time so I missed out all the interaction between the guests. Looking at it now, I think everything turned out quite alright, right? In the end, everything turned out pretty well. It was a success, all praises to the Creator. 

For now, I guess I can leave you snippets of what to expect from the launch tomorrow, 16th June 2015. Do have a look and I hope this video can help you make up your choices on what to get when the aere x dUCk collection comes out tomorrow! 

aere EID Fashion Show 2015 at Royale Chulan KL from Nadia Sabrina on Vimeo.

The first release of aere's pieces from the aere x dUCk collection will be released tomorrow online at, offline at Modvier Bangsar and ShoesShoesShoes Publika and BSC.


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  1. hope one day i will be your vvip sis...hehehe

  2. Hehe Insyallah. You can try participate in the competitions, who knows? Thank you for your support.