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Today was an amazingly productive day for me. I did my first radio interview with BFM Radio Station and before that I had a great meeting to kick-start a fashion show (or two) for aere. I'm super duper excited for the fashion shows and it's really crunch time for aere these next few weeks. Apart from that, I'm planning for my next collection for aere to be released before Raya and I'm happy to *hint* that I'll be collaborating with a brand that I love, adore and respect. Any guesses? Hehe.

The meeting this morning made me realise so many things about aere and a lot more things about what I can do for aere too. Opportunities are everywhere, and it is just whether we want to take them or not and whether we want to move forward or just stay safe and be where we are. But then again, sometimes all we need is that little nudge or push from those around us, even strangers and most importantly our own instincts and that little voice inside us which we try not to listen because we are afraid of being too ambitious, or afraid to fail.

As for the interview with the radio station, I was really really nervous, but the dj host Azura was such a sweet person and I got comfortable after talking to her. We talked about me switching careers from being a lawyer to being a blogger and now running my own fashion label, the story of how aere came about, why I chose the name "aere", my future plans for aere and a lot of other things.

It really made me reflect on how aere has really grown over the last few months, especially since aere just launched at the end of October 2014. The growth has been really fast and sometimes I still feel that it's as though it's unreal because I didn't expect it. I'm truly still very much overwhelmed with the support given by family and friends, my readers here, my followers on Instagram, the media (press, papers, magazines, TV and now radio). It's crazy how supportive people are over here. All praises to God for the blessings. But I shouldn't stop here. I should move forward and push myself more. Still so much to learn so much more to do!

Over the recent long weekend (4 days of holidays because of Labour Day and Wesak Day), I went to Ipoh with the family for an event (see Yuna at Casuarina) and to visit my grandfather and relatives. I've been having very heavy coughs the past week and yesterday kneok and I were super tired because of the travelling (traffic was bad because of the holidays and the rain!). At the back of my head I was actually quite nervous about the meeting happening today and the radio interview. I'll be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous. 

But Alhamdulillah, it went really really well. The rainbow after the rain :) Today came with a lot of surprises. And I really can't wait to share the next step I've taken for aere. I'm super exciited!!! I promise I will share with you all soon, insyaAllah. 

In the meantime, I think I mentioned few times already how nervous I was to face today. To help overcome my nerves, I chose to wear this outfit. I call it the power outfit. It's amazing how you can overcome your nerves with the right choice of clothes. Something I learnt as a lawyer is that it is important to display your confidence through your clothes.  When you dress up confidently, you tend to gain more confidence. So I combined the formal element with just a hint of casualness so that it wasn't too formal.

The top represents my love for the arts with its abstract pattern and my favourite colour. The black blazer represents my background as a legally trained lawyer and the skirt represents the playful side of me experimenting with fashion in the beginning of my career in the fashion business which has just seriously kickstarted late last year, 2014. 

2015 has been a really kind year for me so far. Alhamdulillah. I've just realized the potential to go forward even more, and while I am happy with what I have achieved, I know I can reach up to the stars and try harder for myself and for my brand, aere.

May God help me on my journey.

Outfit Details:

Top : ZERENE Reversible Top by aere
Jacket : SALVIA Faux Leather Trimmed Blazer in Black by aere
Skirt : VIOLA Faux Leather Pleated Skirt in Black by aere
Scarf : Sugarscarf

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  1. Kak Nadia, if I may request, I would love to read about you switching careers from lawyer to fashionista! Hehe

  2. Kak Nadia, if I may request, I would love to read about you switching careers from lawyer to fashionista! Hehe