Silver Lilium Night

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You know when there are days you have so many things happening in a day and you just have to impossibly juggle everything in the same day? Or when your day is filled with work and business meetings during the day on a weekday and you have to rush off to an event in the afternoon or at night? We women are such multi-taskers aren't we all? :)

I actually *love* those kind of days because it makes us stay on our toes and we have no choice but to get more creative with the limited time that we have. Busy days and the adrenaline rush are good when you are doing the things you love.

Here is a look I wore on one of those kind of days. I attended Alia Bastamam's Bridal fashion show at KL Hilton at night (it was amazing and I'll share photos and videos of the show in the blog soon!) straight after a very hectic and busy day settling lots of work and running here and there for aere during the day. 

So, knowing that I had an event at night, what I did was during the day I wore aere's ASTER Pants in Nude and and HEDERA Top in Nude Silver. Then at night, for the fashion show I just glammed up the look by wearing aere's LILIUM Cardigan in Silver over my day wear. The Aster pants and the Hedera top are very good pieces for layering as they are light and thin. Since my main statement piece for this look is the cardigan, I made sure that all my other pieces in this outfit neutral even though the top, pants, shawl, shoes and bag are all in a different shade of grey, nude and gold.

The sequinned cardigan can totally glam up any kind of outfit for any events during the day or even for a special night out. For me personally, I love pieces which I can use again and again by just mixing and matching it with other items to create a different look. And the LILIUM really do just that. I made it a loose fit design so that it can be versatile. Next time I want to try style the cardigan with a belt.

Want to know why I named this piece LILIUM? The names of aere's designs for this latest collection is derived from the names of flowers in Latin. Since aere itself comes from the Latin word air, so naturally, I feel that it was right for me to give Latin names to the designs this time around :)

The flower name, LILIUM in Latin means majesty. :) Majesty describes dignity, beauty and royal power and I think my LILIUM Sequinned Cardigan embodies just that!

I haven't been able to blog as much as I've been super duper busy planning the release of the newly-released aere NIGHT line from the Blossoming of Grace Collection. (A continuation of my first collection for aere's Nature of Grace collection). I released the aere MIGHT line (workwear) and aere LIGHT line (casual wear) before I released the aere NIGHT line (evening wear) for the Blossoming of Grace collection. So, if you have a look at aere's page now you'll find everything you need from casual, work to evening wear. It is really something that I've been working hard on since the middle of last year. The design process, the sampling and production all started in July 2014. 

Do check it out!

Outfit Details :

Outerwear : aere's LILIUM Sequinned Cardigan in Silver
Top : aere's HEDERA Glister Top in Nude + Silver
Pants : aere's ASTER Faux-leather Trimmed Pants in Nude
Scarf : Sookascarf
Bag : Vintage
Shoes : Charles & Keith
Photo : kneok aka Khubayb


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