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It’s no secret that my favourite type of holiday is a holiday by the beach. Our country and region is blessed to have such beautiful beaches and seas. As far as beaches go, recently I’ve been to Parangtritis (in Jogjakarta), Bali, Redang and Krabi, amongst others, places that have absolutely beautiful beaches! I've written about some of them and also posted pictures of these beautiful beaches before in my previous posts; (click the titles to see)

So when I heard that Fashion Valet is teaming up with the Luxe Nomad for a contest in which the winner will win a 4-day 3 night trip to two to Paresa Phuket, Thailand as well as a RM 1000 top-to-toe outfit from Fashion Valet, I just couldn’t resist to enter.  Below are some of the photos that took my breath away (found the photos on their website and from Mr Google)

Paresa means “The heavens of the Heavens”. Overlooking the Kamala Bay and the beautiful Andaman Sea, it’s the place I’d really like to be with my hubby right now. Above and away from the crowd, and from everyone else, the place is beyond gorgeous and dare I say it, heavenly. If heaven on earth looks gorgeous like this, I wonder how the actual heaven looks like. Its beauty must be beyond imagination. I can't wait to go and enjoy the  wonders of nature. 

Getting FV to pick up the tab for the outfit for this super awesome vacay is an added bonus. Seriously! In fact, I can already imagine what I’d be wearing there. I don't usually pack light on my vacations, but I usually bring separates for me to do what I love to do with my clothes. Mix and match! Maxi dresses, outerwears, tops and a pair of pants. Light coloured items for the day and darker ones for night time. These are my picks:

Light and easy maxi dresses

L-R : Sunny Girl Sharini Maxi Dress, Sunny Girl Ceci Maxi Dress,  SF by Sazzy Falak Anggun Dress, Sunny Girl Baku Congo Maxi DressSunny Girl Butterfly Garden Maxi Dress.

Outerwears to go with my sleeveless dresses and tops

L-R - Mia Mikhail Mishary Loose JAcket in Pastel Lover,  aere LEANIRA Shirt Dress and Mia Mikhail Mishary Loose JAcket in Sweet Blue.

Somehow ivory pieces below look very beachy. Love them all!

L-R - aere ASTER Ivory PantsMatase Sutera Butterfly Cape DressRamune Vena Dress and Indikah Dragonfly Dress

Click the names (link) above to check out the items. Of course I'll be bringing my aere pieces too. Heehe.

I’d like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad to enjoy a piece of heaven on earth and spend some quality time with the husband at the heavens of the Heavens, where all of our worldly problems can be left behind even before we reach there so that we can just enjoy the nature, the beauty of God's creation, the quietness, and just enjoy each other’s company.

You guys can enter too. The mechanics are just so simple:

1. Create one (or more) blog posts on what you will wear from FV and why you want to stay at Paresa Phuket. 

2. Share with us the link to your post on Instagram by tagging @fashionvaletcom and @theluxenomad.

3. Also hash tag #fvtlngetaway and tag 3 friends.

Note: You guys must include somewhere in your blogpost “I’d like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad…” and link to this page

For terms & conditions, please refer to

Oh, I forgot to mention that the contest ends TODAY. Well, it’s better late than never and you know that last minute panic sometimes provide the best inspiration, right? Hehe Go, go, go and dash for your dream getaway now!


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  1. always learn a new words from you example aera : butterfly... paresa... heaven of heaven

  2. Totally cannot wait to travel again!! First stop: Korea!