Bestnya Bersama Music Festival

2:26:00 PM

It was because of my belief that more and more people are now starting to appreciate and celebrate local talents in all areas that I also decided to also plunge into the fashion business not so long ago. And Alhamdulillah, you might be surprised to find out that since I set up my brand. I’ve been getting a lot of help and support, especially from big organizations and from those who are really pushing for new talents to shine for our future.

On a similar note, although it’s not fashion-related, it was also very refreshing for me personally to hear about the Bestnya Bersama “A” Music Festival held by Samsung Malaysia on 14-3-2024 to showcase local and up-coming talented singers as the front liners - including Izzue Islam, Najwa Latiff, Liyana, Ke Qing, Paperplane Persuit, An Honest Mistake and Shawn Lee. Samsung really went all out to provide a platform and gather an array of multi-talented local artistes of different genres to show us true Bestnya Bersama collaboration stages. The local artistes need every single support we can get. I really wished I could’ve gone to the concert. But even though I didn’t go, I was still able to get the glimpse of the Bestnya Bersama spirit from Samsung’s YouTube channel . Go check it out to see how our Malaysian boys and girls united to celebrate togetherness with this catchy song called “Bestnya Bersama”.

The artistes also formed the ‘Samsung A Team’ and have been the active ambassadors of the newly launched Samsung GALAXY A smartphones which I blogged about on my earlier post: The Love of Galaxy. You know, where I attended the launch of the cool phone with the Wide Selfie feature up to 120°. I still haven’t seen any other phone that could take selfies like the one in my previous post! The quality of the pictures were stunning too - as you can see in the previous posting - with its 5MP front camera, selfies are no longer grainy and of low quality. The flawless picture was also an awesome product from their Beauty Face feature - with that, everyone can look gorgeous instantly in any selfies! Oh and not to forget the Palm Selfie feature - now, all you need to do to take a good selfie is to just show your palm to the camera without taping on the capture button! And guessed what’s more interesting? Samsung Galaxy A5 has this new feature called Animated Selfie, where you can take up to 20 continuous photos which can be shared as gif file. Try out this cool feature for yourselves and watch all your pictures coming alive. We had fun trying them out earlier during the launch, and we had a lot of fun.

Besides all those amazing camera features, the design of Samsung GALAXY A is absolutely stunning.  In fact, its slim & sleek full-metal design is still the hottest talked-about phone amongst my friends .The GALAXY A comes in 4 dazzling colours - Gold, Silver, White & Black -, to match all your style and taste! Like what I said before in the previous posting, the sleek design will definitely act as a trendy accessory to any of the outfit. Here are a few example outfits that I can think of already!

If you haven’t had a chance to explore the phone yet, go to to quickly check it out, or visit the nearest Samsung outlet to try out all the wonderful features I just mentioned!

Well, to conclude, congrats to the ‘Samsung A team’ for rocking the concert and thanks for truly uniting us together with your mind-blowing Bestnya Bersama collaboration performances!


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