Sekuntum Mawar Merah

11:09:00 AM

Watched the theatre Sekuntum Mawar Merah last night at DPac (Damansara Performing Arts Center) with my dears Ruzana Ibrahim, Eenaz Mokhtar and Khubayb. 

I love how the story was beautifully presented in an artistic way. The flow, the graceful body language of the whole cast. The most beautiful part for me has to be when a pregnant mother came out with a long red trail of cloth which was floating in the air. A lot of times when the cast said something, I wondered and reflected and whispered to myself "that's deep". Made me reflect on a lot of things.

Love, dreams and revenge. Continuos karma in action. It's also about career and ambition. How far would you go to chase your dreams? Unexpected twists and turns on the plot of this story about love and revenge. It is a good story with a good script. I didn't expect the ending. In between the story, there was also lots of dancing and singing. Really enjoyed it.

The thing is, it is not easy to explain about a play via writing or even sharing a million photos. You really have to go witness it, watch it and experience it for yourself. Theatre is a branch of art and like other form of the arts, it is so subjective that it can touch (or not) other people differently. Different people see things differently. Go ahead and watch it and then you will know whether you like it or not. I like it  :)

Congratulations and well done team! 

This piece is written and directed by Khairunazwan Rodzy and the musical director is Ayop Azril. The cast is Nadia Aqilah, Remy Ishak, Pelangi Chenta and Projek BB. The play has been running since 26th February 2015 and today (5th March 2015) is the last day. Go catch it!

The last theatre I blogged about was P Ramlee the MusicalNadia and Ruzana was in it too! Can't wait to watch the next play. I have no ida what it's going to be yet. Let me know if you know any potentially good and interesting theatres coming up soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos and a video snippet of one of the scenes at the end of this post.

Click Sekuntum Mawar Merah to watch a  snippet from the theatre. :)


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