My Relaxing Weekend

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As mentioned in my previous post, I have been crazy busy preparing for aere's launch last Thursday and I felt like I've neglected my husband for quite a bit. Hehe. Well, he had a very busy week too. So on Friday night, after a long week, we finally managed to have some time together and watched a movie. The only one available at such last minute was Cinderella. So yes, we watched Cinderella and one message resonates throughout the whole movie. "Have courage and be kind".

No matter what happens, be kind. If we are treated unfairly, never seek revenge and never be unkind. Forgiveness takes so much strength but when we forgive and we let go, we will be in a much happier state of mind. So, be kind. It sounds easy and simple, but sometimes we forget. Even though the Cinderella movie I assume was targeted more for kids, I kind of enjoyed watching it too. Just like how I enjoyed Frozen too. Hehe. (Not embarassed to admit)

Yesterday, we visited my in-laws for late lunch with the family. With my nieces, we played heads up and our favourite categories were Fairy Tales and Disney characters. It was fun playing heads up with the kids. We also played rock-paper-scissors too. Or more like "osom". :p

After spending some time with my in-laws, we went to Pavillion to buys some stuffs and have supper. I wore the OLIVA in Indigo. What I love most about this oversized top is the buttons at the sleeves which I can open up anytime I feel like it and I like the exaggerated loose fit which is so comfy. The eat as much as you can kind of top. Hehe. The structured material of the OLIVA top makes sure that it doesn't cling to your body so it's not figure-hugging.

I paired it with the skants (skirt+pants) I wore in my post Tenun & Skants in Jakarta for a very casual weekend, but it was comfortable enough for me to be running around with my nieces (more like running around chasing after them) what with their rollerblades, skateboards and all sorts of other toys). Being a kid is lots of fun!

There's just something very exciting about the night ambience of Bukit Bintang. The lights, the never-ending cars stuck on the road, all the people from all walks of life and countries walking about.. The last time I went to Bukit Bintang was in my post RED NIGHT OUT.

Till my next post!

He was busy watching football :p


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