Shine Bright with ZERENE NIGHT

12:35:00 PM

The stars are aligned and the night is serene.
Sparkle and shine bright with our light-catching sequins.


{Cue song : Shine Bright Like a Diamond... Tonight, you and I}

Can't get the song out of my head now.

I'm pleased to officially announce the comeback of the new ZERENE in eight colours and added features. I've mentioned about it in my post Once in A Blue Night too. 

Anyways, I can't describe my feelings when I first saw the campaign photos from the photoshoot aere had with the Fashion Valet for the ZERENE NIGHT Collection. I was excited and I just love it so much! The team for the campaign shoot was great. I must say all of them are talented in their own ways. Not to mention the shoot was actually done at night of 11th February 2015 the day after I came back from my long break. I remember before my almost 2 weeks break I just mentioned to VD that I wanted the background to be dark and just play with lights and shadows. But, what they did was even better than I imagined it to be!  

So who are the creative individuals behind the shoot? Veen Dee planned the whole shoot together with Nadhira and Marissa from FV, Farid Rosli was the photographer of the night,  Sam assisted, Lucie is the French model who's such a pro at giving cool various poses, Min Luna did the styling, Dada Anuar did the editing for the lookbook, Sheng Saw did the makeup and Boon Dylan did the hair. 

I will let the pictures do the talking here in this post. And I'll take about it more when I do a BTS blogpost of the photoshoot.

To browse the lookbook, click : ZERENE NIGHT

A collection featuring 8 colours of the ZERENE Reversible Sequinned Top + Jacket. This time, not only it is reversible, but you can choose whether you want a matte or shiny finish and some pieces are dual-coloured so you can do a quick and easy change of colour. Innovation is the way to go! Click on the colours below the pictures for details on the ZERENE pieces :)

ZERENE Black + Silver



ZERENE Grey + Black

ZERENE Bronze + Black



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