The Unexpected Move and A Short Farewell

8:54:00 AM

Salam and morning dear readers. 

Two days ago something nice happened. Just when I thought I'll be separated from the FV team whom I have been working a lot with since they had to move office, on Monday me with a few others went off to an unexpected move to a change of environment and a much better place Alhamdulillah. Yes, the same place as FV's office.

We only got to know on Monday itself. :) It was a real pleasant surprise! I love the new environment and ambience. 

And I had just blogged about Moving Places last Saturday. When I blogged on Turn My Life Around last Monday,I still did not know about the move too!

Here's a photo of us being all sad and then back to our happy self last Friday. Little did we know that we won't actually be separated. I've spent so much time with these people since I started aere. Almost everyday of the week!!! I remember after this photo was taken I did not want to say goodbye to everybody because I just did not want to get all emotional and I just rushed to the launch of Dina Pelangi's boutique in Shah Alam. I really wasn't ready to say goodbye.

We didn't have to say goodbye after all :)

Also, I am finally going to umrah again insya-Allah tomorrow! Been meaning to update on this but I've just been so busy. I haven't even finished (or started) packing yet. Will have to sort out everything tonight. But I'm excited. I've really been looking forward to go back there as I mentioned in my post .

On Monday itself, during the move Fahima came and spent time with me and helped bring me from my old office to the new office. Since we had already planned a meet-up even before I got to to know about the move. It really was a surprise. Eima brought me some stuffs for umrah including her own abayas and books on umrah. We had good yummy food at The Gravy Factory where I had baked crab. Yums! I also did a blogging job after working hours and then had dinner with Mel. It was a really greta catchup with her at Pasta Zanmai where I had my Japanese fusion fix. Yesterday, my CIL Azura also came to my new office as she wanted to get aere's stuffs to bring for her trip too! And yesterday Ruzana came and spent some time with me at my parents' house while I was looking for my umrah stuffs! Spent some quality time with the family too :) Alhamdulillah.

Finally, before I leave, I'd like to shoutout a few things. I know that I have been stalling the announcement of the winners of my #rnadiagiveaway. See RNadiaGIveaway #1 : Dinner Winners' Shortlist R but the reason is because I couldn't choose just two out of the five shortlisted (that also took such a long time!) so in the end I decided to choose three!


@pinkdurian, @imaginetaty and @kiasatinaothman 

Dinner is on me :) Can't wait to meet and chat with you girls. Please email me at [email protected] with your details so I can reach you after I come back from umrah, insya-Allah.

There's also an exciting announcement on aere, which I will be posting right after this.

So this is a short farewell, God-willing! :)  Forgive me if I have ever did any wrong to you and forgive me for my shortcomings, flaws and weaknesses. Thanks for your support, for everything and for sticking around here! I really appreciate all the love. Much love from me!!! I'll see you if I see you again :)


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  1. Have a great Umrah Kak Sabrina! :)