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Hello and salam dear readers :)

I watched Terbaik Dari Langit the movie for the second time on 3rd January 2015. It was also a mini reunion with my high school mates so I decided to wear blue and white (reminded me of school times when we used to wear blue bottoms and white tops). Since the movie revolves around friendship I was inspired to wear an outfit a combination of which reminded me of the good ol days :) I met school mates who I haven't met in ages. It was a lovely day.

That day, I wore one of the designs that I had the most pleasure to work on, the ISSORIA Asymmetrical Draped Skirt. From my sketches, to a more professional sketch by my assistant designer Ina, to technical drawings, sampling, approval of samples and everything in between. This is the most challenging design that I have had to work on with  Ina. But also the most satisfying from the response that I have been getting :) 

I had the idea and wanted a skirt like this ever since 2013, and I sketched it back then and showed it to Ina in July 2014. I wanted it to be an asymmetrical skirt with pleats and drapes. So many changes happened when we got the many many samples. It went to and fro overseas more than 5 times! We had to change it so much from the actual original drawing. We had to make sure that the fit is perfect, that it looks flattering as well as the drapes will fall nicely on the body. It took us 4 months to confirm the design and be happy with the final sample before I decided to produce it for aere. When I saw the final  samples I was just so happy that I was finally be able to say that it's perfect and ready for production. 

A lot of people who saw the skirt before it was released kept on asking me when it is going to be out. That naturally pushed me even harder to work on the skirt and hurry the production but I did not want to sacrifice the design and produce something which I wasn't entirely happy with. So that was why I had to wait until we managed to get the perfect sample.

I must say that it was worth the wait for me. We released it at the end of December just few days before we entered 2015. Alhamdulillah.

Below is part of the description I put at aere's page on FV.

The ISSORIA Draped Skirt is aere's striking masterpiece experimenting with pleats, drapes and folds on this gorgeous asymmetric skirt. The pleats add volume to the waterfall-like drapes created by this luxurious silk-satin material that accentuates the fluid feel of movement. Aere’s work of art, the Issoria, has a loose and flattering wrap effect and front fit silhouette.

This lightweight piece is effortless to style and can be worn with any top. It can be worn for both casual and formal occassions. Style it with aere's Zerene sequinned cropped top and a classic clutch for a leisurely glamourous evening or style it with a casual top and sandals to still look classy even for a relaxed day out.
The silk satin is lightweight yet luxurious silk-satin material with a dimmed elegant sheen. 
It is also available in black.
I added hints of gold with my vintage bag, new pointy shoes and favourite arm candies to finish off the look. Lastly, guys, go watch Terbaik Dari Langit!


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