RNadiaGiveaway #1 : Dinner Winners' Shortlist

9:46:00 PM

Hello dear readers :)

If you follow my IG you would have noticed that I did a #rnadiagiveaway right after my post The Big One : My search for a bag has ended

Here is the picture I posted together with its caption!

"1,2,3 or 4? Which bag did you think I finally got and WHY? I will treat the lucky person who gets the correct and best answer to dinner. No joke! Clue is in my blogpost "THE BIG ONE : MY SEARCH FOR A BAG HAS ENDED". #rnadiagiveaway"

It's not much, but I really wanted to get to know my readers more, a bit more personal and I thought it'd be nice to treat them and get to know them over a quiet dinner. I received 112 comments on the post guessing the answers and giving their reasons. 

Reading all those comments really showed me how observant my readers are and their reasonings were not wrong. Eventhough there is only one right answer, I loved all the bags for different reasons and I am happy to read the comments. To be honest though, I actually REALLY wanted bag #4 the most but as mentioned in the clue post, they don't ship it outside US.

So, that was why I went for #1 the Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag with Antiqued Gold Hardware which isn't a bad runner up!

So now, out of all those comments, I had a real hard time choosing the winner. Yes, it took me so long just to cut the finalists down to 5 contenders who gave the best answers, and I really felt bad for those who didn't make it because I loved their answers too. In fact, I don't think I'll be able to choose just one winner, so I've decided to choose two. Haha. Yes, that's me.

So check out if you are one of the contenders for dinner. I've put up the five posts below. Don't worry, if you are not one of them, there will always be a next time. InsyaAllah.

Doing this giveaway has been quite fun and i love to get connected with my readers. I am really thankful for the overwhelming response.

I'll choose the winners soon, after I return from my overseas trip next week, Insyaallah. And I can't wait to treat the winner for dinner! :D (That rhymes.)

I got the bag from Shopbop just within 3 working days after ordering it. I am so happy with the service and the packaging. It really made my whole week!


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  1. For a second I thought you're giving away the bag..T.T