Journey to India 1 : A Whole New World

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Namastay dear readers!!

This year's travels has been largely unexpected. If you follow my Instagram you would probably have known that I was in India for the past 7 days through my #rnadiaindia hashtag. 

A few days in India has been an eye opening experience for me, I learned so much in those 7 days. India is incredible: it is a place with so much character and it feels like I was in a different world. It changes my perspectives on a whole new level.

I've missed blogging! I didn't bring my laptop to India and the trip to India has been really hectic so I did not have time to blog over there. It wasn't easy for me to get a sim card and wifi too so I only managed to update what's happening in India on my IG through tethering with others who managed to get internet on their mobile phones.  

Oh yeah, I did the roaming thing and forgot to take the package this time around and was charged a bomb. So that's tip #1 when you go to India: If you're roaming, subscribe to the daily internet package.

Anyway, I was invited to join a trip to India with other delegates for a buying mission. We went to Mumbai, Ahmadebad and Surat.  It wasn't planned months before or anything. I only got to know about one week before the trip. The week before that was just really hectic as I had to settle a lot of my pending work in Malaysia and also had to squeeze in-between applying for my Indian Visa and generally prepare for the trip.

Before I start on my Journey to India series, I will leave you with some photos of me travelling from Malaysia to India in my comfiest outfit ever, the EDITH Detachable Jumpsuit. Since I knew it was going to be a little cold during the flight which took almost 6 hours, I wore a maroon jacket just to keep me warm. It is pretty lightweight though.

Thank God I decided to do that because the flight itself was okay, but when I arrived, the weather in India was really quite cold as it was winter over there. Sometimes when I am just so used to Malaysia's summer/rain all year round weather I forgot that there are other parts all over the world that experiences the whole 4 seasons thingy.

 I can't wait to share all of my experiences in India. But, then again, I haven't even shared my experiences travelling to China in the middle of this year!

I am really thankful for the opportunities to travel this year. I thank Allah for the rezeki and for granting me the health and energy to travel in 2014. Alhamdulillah.

Outfit details
EDITH Detachable Jumpsuit by aere available at FV
Aruna Jacket in Maroon by Noona from FV
Paripari shawls


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