d-ELLE-lightful Surprises This Week

9:34:00 PM

Hello Blessed Friday! 

I just got back from a nice dinner at one of my favourite spots just near my house for  a quick retreat from what has been going on this week.

It has been a hectic and colourful week for me, but most of all, this week has been full of surprises! :D

First, I was called up for a live on-the-air interview with Wanita Hari Ini; then the next day I found out that aere and I were featured in the New Straits Times on the same day that I was interviewed on the live show; and then I was suddenly given the opportunity to travel to an exotic destination which I have never been to (I am going in about one week's time)!!! 

I can't wait to share and blog about all this soon! It's the reason why I haven't managed to steal some time off to just sit down and blog this week.

But the surprises have yet to end for me this week. Today, while browsing the internet, I stumbled upon this article by ELLE magazine on aere!!! This article was actually published on ELLE MY on 28th October 2014 on the day of the release of aere but I just saw it today. I'm humbled. This week has really been a series of delightful, unexpected surprises for me. All praises to the One who determines everything. Alhamdulillah.

Right now, I just feel ready to embrace the weekend!

Happy weekend guys! 

Read the article by clicking -> Raja Nadia Sabrina launches her own fashion label aere

Or browse aere's lookbook  -> New Malaysian label aere's first lookbook


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