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My weekend has been pretty awesome as I get to spend it with the husband, just us two. We have been really busy recently juggling our work. Both of us are juggling a few jobs at the same time and even if we are not working, we will be either attending events or fulfilling social obligations. 

I'm not complaining though as nowadays, I have more time with him and we make sure that we have dinner together everyday unlike back then when we were both just too engrossed with work that we did not even have time to have dinner with each other. I guess that will be a story for another post.

However, back to the weekend, I must say I had a blast as we started off last Friday night watching Hunger Games again for the second time. Watched together with Mel from Nuffnang, my brother Hariz, and my cousins Mia Suraya and Luqman. On Saturday, we were feeling a little under the weather so we just rested at home, doing nothing and just had our much needed rest. Then at night we watched Rurouni Kenshin, since he is a big fan of that movie. We just watched the Part 1 of the finale 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday, on Sunday, we went to watch a play which I have actually just watched the week before. It is called Shear Madness. It was such a good and fun play that I didn't mind watching it twice. Or again. I plan to blog about it veryyy soon. 

In the meanwhile, here I am sharing with you what I wore to the play with the husband, my brother Hariz and Azim. Right after the play, the husband and I went to have a rejuvenating and revitalising time at the hair saloon. I did something new with my hair and I just love the new me!!! Even though it is only for him, but I'm loving it! And he loves it too! Hehe.

Here's me wearing the LEANIRA in beige fully unbuttoned from aere (there's also a picture of me just buttoning one down the middle  for a flattering v shape which really deserves its own look post) together with a pair of super comfy pants and top from FV BASICS which will be available online TOMORROW.

There's no need for the Monday blues when you have had an awesome weekend and plenty of rest. That's a very rare combo, well for me at least. I'm ready to take on the week!

Outfit details 

Outerwear: Beige LEANIRA shirt dress from aere
Top & Pants: by FV Basics
Scarf: Custommade from Hasanah Hilmi @ Pari-pari shawls
Shoes : Gold Platform from DNC Shoes Bandung

Location : Jaya One, PJ
Photographer : @kneok


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  1. stunning as always...

  2. We are married couple with no kids and weekend is movie back-to-back time and fashion trial and error..Your story just similar to mine :)