Abstract on the Wall

6:11:00 PM

What is it about abstract art that just appeals to us? Is it the opportunity to interpret beauty and meaning by your own definition and perception? I don't know, but to me, I just can't get enough of it. And when I started aere, one of the things I was aiming to do (and will try and do more in the future, God-willing) is to incorporate more elements of art into fashion. Because fashion is indeed a branch of art.

So, when I decided to produce the ZERENE reversible top which consisted mainly of sequinned crop tops, I also chose to produce a slightly different version in the line-up: the ZERENE abstract print top. I fell in love with the design at first sight. It was abstract and incorporated the colour I had in mind for the first collection too. The print is manufactured in Japan and it is exclusively one of its kind. I also love the fact that it is unique to the customers: no two products will have the exact same designs (Read: A Burst of aere ). Alhamdulillah, it was really well received and I'm so thankful that the ZERENE print was almost sold out in just 2 days.

At the same time, I was already working on to produce the abstract print in the LEANIRA shirt dress. The shirt dress is a design that I genuinely love. It is sophisticated in its simplicity. If it's buttoned down entirely, it is sleek, professional, classy. Even as an outerwear, it is something casually chic that anyone can pull off. To me, the LEANIRA has more of a European-style feel to it. Read my posts to see different ways of styling the LEANIRA in my previous posts Scintillating Black Leanira and Back to Basics.

The LEANIRA abstract print is a combination of the two things that I love, and I have a feeling that this little gem will be well received again. InsyaAllah. I also can't gush enough about the quality of the fabric, you really have to feel it in your hands to feel and appreciate the luxurious yet lightweight fabric.

I don't think pictures do it justice, but I have tried! I wore a casual top (from aere's next collection) and some comfy pants from FV Basics under the LEANIRA abstract print as an outer. I chose a white wall this time around just to bring out the print. 

I'm happy to announce that the LEANIRA abstract print will be released online tomorrow at Fashionvalet.com/aere. Less than 12 hours to go. :) Be sure to click on aere early tomorrow morning so that you won't miss out this time.


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