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I recently got the chance to try out the new Pentax Q-S1 camera. I’ll be upfront and deliver the verdict straightaway: It’s a little but very explosive dynamite: it packs a real punch! As a blogger who is just setting up my own fashion brand (aere), I’m always on the go and I just have to have my camera with me. Who knows when I’ll need it to snap some cool pictures when I need to.

The Q-S1 is a 12.4 megapixel camera which delivers high-quality and high-res images thanks to its 1/1.7-inch CMOS image sensor. If you’re the kind who love to keep printed photos, Q-S1’s high resolution allows the pictures to be printed up to A1 sized without sacrificing its quality. The Q-S1 runs on the “Q-Engine” which is truly a high speed engine that is state of the art. The Q-S1 can also be used to capture full HD movie clips as well.  The Q-S1’s lens are interchangeable and there’s already a whole line-up of lens available which you can check out more at Ricoh’s website.

All that in a very compact and small body which can fit into any handbag! That’s definitely a huge plus for me. It’s stylish and classy too. The design is a little retro, in the cool kind of way. I really liked the finishing on this camera. The quality and effort they put into the finishing shows that the Q-S1 is not just your typical throw-away camera. It’s built to last. The metal is high-grade aluminium - it looks and feels solid. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all. The Q-S1 also uses textured synthetic leather on its front panel too. This is also one of the plus points of the Q-S1: It mind-bogglingly comes in 40 different colours! I’ll get to this later.

Having used this little baby for a while, I really like the simple and user-friendly options. 

A picture taken by the pool yesterday at my apartment.

There’s also an Auto Picture mode where the Q-S1 helps select the most appropriate optimized shooting mode scene for you. There are 21 scene modes for you to discover.

I also have to say that in my experience, a camera makes it or breaks it when you are snapping pictures under low-lighting. I’m happy to report that the Q-S1 produces superb images even in low-lighting. They have worked to minimize the noise in high ISO sensitivity levels so that images do not break under high ISO. In fact, this pic I took of the hubby looks like he’s photoshopped in there. The background is crystal clear and the pool looks like a sheet of ice.

Like I mentioned, the Q-S1 comes in 40 different colours and that’s a treat, especially if you’re an avid OOTD taker. Nowadays, cameras are such a necessity that it can also be considered as part of our accessories! Hehe, but it is true right? So it’s just really great to know that you’d be able to match your outfit with the PS-1. And this is where your individuality comes out.

The Q-S1 is very certainly a small camera yet it is big on features. It’s also just very pretty and stylish. Done right, it’s also the perfect accessory to your OOTD. I’d really recommend this camera if you’re looking for a small compact camera with DSLR-like capabilities. It pretty much has everything - including interchangeable lens. The camera will also bring out the individuality in you. Go check Pentax Malaysia out at their Facebook page here.

In the meantime, here’s a few OOTD pictures of me with different colours of the Q-S1 which I paired up with my outfit.

Details in my post Journey to India 1 : A Whole New World

Just a hint of what I will be releasing on aere soon. In a few days time!  * wink *


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  1. Keciknya dear.
    Just nice kan ;)

  2. Compact & small boleh muat handbag ;-)

  3. does it have wifi?