Escapades : Bandung 1

11:14:00 PM

Hi everyone!

How's the first day of the week so far? Me? I'm still battling the bout of flu I've been suffering from since last Thursday, at the end of a very, very hectic week I had. Still sniffling here and there although my fever has slightly gone down. I haven't allowed the flu to take control over me. I have been fighting it by keeping myself busy with work and events.

Anyways, I met up with my parents yesterday evening for tea, and my dad told me that he is going off to a working trip to Jakarta and Bandung, before going to Yogyakarta for Ibu Kartika's birthday celebration. My mother will be joining him in Yogyakarta before the two of them will be going to Bali. I was so happy when I heard that they planned this trip! They really deserve a little break from their children. Hehe. 

I'm sure everyone knows about my love for Jogja. Just search my blog for the many posts I've written about the beautiful city I've fallen in love with. (Keywords : Yogyakarta)

But, I was also super excited that my dad will be going to Bandung too. I was immediately reminded of my road trip to Bandung earlier this year after I was invited and brought to Jakarta by Dian Pelangi to attend the Sisterhood 2014 event (read my short post about that here) and I just had to recommend to my dad that he go to Dusun Bambu. I can't believe I haven't really blogged about my Jakarta-Bandung trip yet (er....or my Singapore trip.. or finish my Krabi posts... I'll get there guys!). Something happened at the end of the Jakarta trip and that's another story that I may share later. But, at least I'm starting to share now, right?

I'm going to rest early tonight and I'm pumped up to share about the beautiful places in Jakarta and Bandung which I visited and why this Dusun Bambu is such a must-visit in Bandung! But tonight, I'm just going to post some teaser pictures of the place and some fun pictures of me, Shea Rasol, Nurul Hidayati and our gracious hosts Dian Pelangi and Lulue Elhasbu.

I had so much fun and I have so much to share about the trip!

Goodnight everyone.


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  1. Please finish the krabi post. I will go there January next year. Ur blog will help a lot. ������