The Sun is Shining on Me Today

9:57:00 PM

Hi guys, today has been full of good surprises for me today. All praises to the Creator. Alhamdulillah =) 

For those of you who follow my instagram account, you would know that I've been working on my new label, aere. The launch of aere is happening early tomorrow morning on and that's something I've really been busy working on.

Today started off as normal. My husband picked up his copy of The Sun as we were driving out to work as usual and passed it to me, without saying anything and with his usual poker face. Normally I would just put the paper at the back seat, but today, I decided just to briefly scan through the front page... And I was shocked to see myself on the front cover today! It was totally unexpected!

It was a pleasant surprise which set my mood for the rest of the day. I straight away went to page 22 to the article titled "Unveiling the Vogue". I was so happy to see aere in the news. My new label. My baby. In the Sun newspaper. It's a feeling that I can't describe. Even though aere is new, but to see that it is already leaving its imprint in the news means so much to me especially because it is the one thing I've been focusing on this past 4 months. All my energy, sweat and time all went to the planning, designing, producing and managing aere.

I was interviewed by the very friendly Rachel Law of the Sun last month over coffee (I don't drink coffee, except mocha). She made me so very comfortable that it didn't seem like an interview, but more like a chat between friends. We sat there and chit-chatted for hours, although it didn't seem that long at the time because I was so comfortable in Rachel's company. We chatted about so many things, especially about my career as a lawyer and how I started out. I suddenly realize that I haven't shared much about my legal career with my readers here and how I ended up where I am today. That's something that I really want to share with you guys on here really soon. 

All in all, the article came out so well. The title and "putting the mod back in modesty", especially to me, is genius. She really is very good at what she does! I'll definitely be keeping a look out for her articles in the future.

Anyways, the sweet Rachel just sent me a PDF copy of the article without me asking for it. It's really a nice gesture and I've uploaded here it for you to read if you didnt manage to get the paper today.

The second piece of surprise was that one of my favourite bloggers, Vivy Yusof also blogged about aere. Today. She took one of aere's jackets with her when she went to London and posted it up on her popular blog. Geez she managed to pull off the all white look so well. Love the metal zipper jacket on her! Poor Daniel had to be kept away long enough for her to get those gorgeous pics, but I'm sure it wasn't that long! Hehe, who could resist that cute little boy? 

Anyway, as I was saying, I really do not know what's going to happen tomorrow. And I would be lying if I said that I am not nervous. But whatever it is, I feel that I have given my best and my all into this. I am very proud of the fashion pieces and I really hope that you will love it too. If you have any comments do not hesitate to contact me here. I would really like to thank everyone for their support.

This will be the first collection of many, insya Allah. I've given my best efforts into this. The rest, I leave it to God.


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