Wish List: Arm Candies and Sunnies

9:58:00 PM

So I received a random whatsapp message from my dear friend Niesa recently asking me whether I've finally found the one in my search for my blue and/or nude bag, and I realised that I liked all the bags so much I put off making a decision! Hahaha.

Anyway, I went to the opening of Love Bonito's pop-up shop yesterday. I pulled off a blue outfit from my new label which I will blog about later. But while dressing up, I realised that I don't have a lot of accessories, and the ones I do have are all gifts from my mother or husband. I'm not much of an accessoriser and mostly only wear bangles and bracelets nowadays since I started to wear the hijab. Before I wore the hijab, my favourite accessories used to be earrings.

So whilst still picking and choosing over my dream bag on Shopbop, I sort of browsed their accessories section. The one thing I like about Shopbop is that I love their easy user interface and their very accurate filter section.  I'm thinking of gold and blue accessories to match up my look and this is my wish list:

This Angel winged bracelet by Lulu Frost has to be one of my favourite.

I also love this Corded Katie Bracelet by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This minimalist but elegant bracelet by Malene Birger is also suitable
 especially for night events.

 And the ever classic Salvatore Ferragamo's Cancio Double Wrap Bracelet.

And I also found my dream pair of glasses on Shopbop: Rayban's Blue Aviator glasses!

But this one from Marc Jacob's is also nice!

I'll RE-visit this wish list.. After I get my bag! Hehe. Niesa suggested the Sheltered Island Noha bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs, which is seriously tempting me.. But we'll see! Soon, I promise! 


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