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8:39:00 PM

I was going through some of my look posts and I found these two pictures in which I wore everything in white except for one coloured item. I love the all white combo with one bold colour item look. To me, it gives a clean and fresh look.

Do you guys have an all white look or a mostly white look you wore or which you love? Share with me the links in the comments section if you have it =)

However, I think that both this looks would have been better if I had spiced it up with a blush / dusty pink handbag. I browsed through Shopbop to search for a blush handbags and I found a few that I liked. Again, I couldn't decide which one I love more! Can I have it all? Haha.

Decision making time. Which one of the 5 blush items below do you guys love best?

From my look post Pink Aura White

From my look post Fresh and White

This classic Miss Vara Bow Shoulder Bag from Salvatore Ferragamo

The sweet Candy Mini Cross Body Bag from Furla

Elegant Quilt Mini Bag from DVF

This love shaped coin case from Tory Burch

Eartha Barrel Sachel from Zac Posen

You see why I have such a hard time choosing bags. They are all so beautiful! Arghhh..
Help me out guys. Much appreciated =)


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  1. Hehe. The Ferragamo and DVF bags just scream YOU. They suit you :-)