What is your HIJAB STORY?

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I have been wanting to share my journey in wearing the hijab. Why did I start? What made me wanted to wear it? What hit me? But that, I will share in another post because it’s a very very looonngg story.

But in summary, something hit me one day and I continued my journey as a hijab wearer even though there were a lot of setbacks along the way. I must admit it was really difficult in the beginning to stay consistent. It is an effort and a fight that I have to put in every single day. A fight with the self. However, through time it became easier and the hijab became a part of my identity.

Here in this post I would like to share the issues that I have faced when I started wearing the hijab a few years ago.

I was really different before I wore the hijab. For those who don’t know me back then, you wouldn’t think that I was the person that I was. I was just, different.

People close to me were sceptical. Some felt I was being too drastic with my change.

How did I overcome it? First of all, it is very important that I let them know that it is my personal decision and that I was not forced into it. (maybe one day I will share with you why it happened. When I am ready okay?) It is something that I needed to do for myself. That was what I felt. Most importantly, I let them know that I am still the same person. Despite wearing hijab, I’m still the same person they knew.

Apart from that, another challenge that I faced was that I found that my clothes at that time was not appropriate for hijab wear. I did not have a lot of long sleeves tops and I did not have a lot of outerwear to cover my short sleeves or sleeveless tops. Initially, it was always a case of not knowing what and how to wear the proper clothes everyday.

Bear in mind that 8 years ago, the situation was not like today. There are just so many references nowadays. Back then it was just me trying to upgrade my non-hijab-friendly clothes. So it was a moment when I wore inners and my sleeveless tops outside my long sleeves or my short dresses above my jeans. It was colourful and super crazy. All because I was someone who always love stylish or fashionable stuffs. So, I improvised the clothes that I had at that time.

As for the scarf, it was not hard for me to adjust because I went to a university where everyone was asked to put on the scarf anyway. So the transition was not that hard. I’ve been wearing hijab ever since, and its not an obstacle even though I was in the corporate world.

Of course, I just had to take care of my hair more. Even though I feel that my hair was protected from the sun and polluted air but I needed to wash it more often. Here’s a tip: never wear a scarf when you have wet hair. Hehe.

But when you’re busy and work is really hectic, there is a tendency to not care for your hair properly. Because you can just wear the hijab right? I know a lot of people think like that. In fact, I even admit that there have been times when I did not shampoo my hair for more than 3 days because I was too busy and work was just hectic. Guess what happened? I felt that my head starts getting uncomfortable and itchy as a hijab wearer.

When it happens, the problem is harder to resolve. I’ve tried a few products but when I started using Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh shampoo, the problem finally went away.

It’s not an understatement to say that having an itch-free scalp gives me confidence to go about my daily life because I don’t have to constantly have an annoying itchy scalp and do not have to think about how my head feels.

Hijab wearers will know what I’m talking about when there are some days that you will feel that your head is soooooo heavy. But after a long day at work, just washing your hair with Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh will make it lighter... my husband always says that he love the smell too! That’s another plus point!

Anyways, it is great to know there is a haircare company who actually takes the effort to provide care for the people who do wear the hijab. This gives me added confidence to focus on my work.

I first used Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh when I saw an ad in one of the magazines saying it caters to people who wear the hijab. I also saw my good friend Heliza Helmi as the face of Sunsilk. It just so happened that I became close with Heliza as we had just come back from the our umrah trip together.

Sunsilk also came out with the product at just the right time, because I started becoming more conscious of looking after my hair and scalp and was looking for suitable haircare which is designed for hijab-wearers since our needs are different. We have to take care of our hair in a different way. Sunsilk understands that. Once I wore Sunsilk I never turned back.

I think that I have achieved what I wanted to achieve in life, in being married to my husband, becoming a mother, a law graduate who has been practising for 6 years, being able to write and share whatever I want to share with those who are interested to read whatever is in my thoughts. I worked really hard when I just started working  6 years ago and after a few years managed to become a partner at a law firm and ventured into various areas of law. All praises to the Almighty for the blessings. And now…

Now I am just pursuing my dreams to do what I really love to do. :)

I am really thankful and grateful for what I have achieved in life so far.

If I look back at my younger self 10 years ago, I know I have progressed and I think have changed for the better. But, then again, each day I live to strive to become better for God, myself and everyone around me. I try.

Sunsilk is having a contest which I am taking part by sharing my journey as a hijab wearer. I might win the grand prize of RM20,000.00!  Let’s join too =) The more the merrier. I think it is a good thing for us to share our experiences. We could all learn from each other. Just make sure that we do not exaggerate in telling our stories okay!

It is a digital contest called Menemanimu Sejak Tahun 2000, to encourage women in hijab to share their inspiring journey with Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh - with the confidence that comes from having clean and fresh hair which gives them the freedom to seize opportunities.  There will be a grand prize winner and 10 consolation prize winners.

Prizes include:

Grand Prize x 1
RM 20,000 cash prize for you to achieve your aspiration!
Sunsilk Products with your tudung journey illustration
Consolation Prize x 10
RM 3,000 cash prize for you to achieve your aspiration!
Sunsilk Products with your tudung journey illustration

For more information of this contest, please visit https://apps.facebook.com/sunsilkmenemanimu

All the best!!! I hope one of my blog readers (if not me) will get the grand Prize!!! :D


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  1. love the way u mix n match ...love ur style...

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  3. good for you. it is a journey well experienced

  4. Xsangka masalah rambut berbau apabila bertudung dpt di atasi dgn hanya gunakan syampoo sunsillk.. nak kena try ni... blh masuk peraduan skali... yeaaa..xsbr nk p bli kt kedai..

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