A Piece of Raeesa

11:19:00 PM

Here I am, wearing a piece of Raeesa :) This is a much delayed post on one of my favourite Raya piece for this year. I received a lovely hand-painted batik kebaya by PiecesbyRaeesa which I originally planned to wear for Raya this year. This is my second outfit from them. The first was a pastel kaftan I got for Raya Haji last year.

As you girls will agree, the modern geometrical batik is absolutely gorgeous. I tried, but could only manage to stop myself from wearing it before Raya for only two days. However, I couldn't contain myself any longer and I just had to straight away wear it. I couldn't help it, it was screaming for me to wear it. Since the skirt was outstanding, I wore it with a lace top to try and tone it down and get that 'casual' look. Well, I didn't manage to succeed because the skirt really stands out regardless.

PiecesbyRaeesa is a very exclusive label (even their instagram is private!) owned by a client-turned-good friend Erny Yusmiarty (see  Beautiful Ladies Styling the Pari Pari Style) and so far all their pieces are amazing! You guys should check it out if you're into custom-made batik pieces.

I finally wore the full piece on the 2nd day of Raya in Kuala Lumpur. Insyallah that will be up very soon on the blog too.

I took a photo of my husband levitating.. apparently that's the craze now on instagram... *rolls eyes* hehe

I love this impromptu selfie shot of the husband and I. 

For those of you who's been asking what camera we use, well this should answer your question. I am using a Samsung NX300 camera :) And how do I got super flawless selfies? The "beauty face" mode on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Haha!

Wait for my other post where I will share the full top and skirt from PiecesbyRaeesa :) 

Outfit Details :
Skirt : PiecesbyRaeesa
Bag : Michael Kors
Shawl : Pari Pari Shawl

Location : Sri Hartamas
Photographer : Kneok aka Abdullah Khubayb


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  1. husband n wife sporting je tgkap gambar...

    entry terkini...iklan percuma here

  2. you are so beautiful MashaAllah. May you be blessed with good health and abundance of rezeki and the chance to meet your miracle child again one sweet day Inshaa Allah :) you are an idol hehe