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31st August is coming up soon. Yup, the day Malaysia (or Malaya, as it was known then) achieved independence from the colonists.

Everyone in Malaysia knows our late Sudirman who was a much cherished singer. My new colleague loves to play his songs nearing to Raya. I haven’t heard his songs for a while but when she played it I recognized straight away the voice of the late Sudirman. Just like any other Malaysians would.

I recently found out about Celcom’s ESCAPE Shots Merdeka Video Contest, and Narmi’s tribute to the late Sudirman with his own version of ‘Warisan’. The inspiration came from the song’s first line “Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta”. I think the contest is a great way of expressing your love to the country you were born in (well, I was actually born in London, which I regard as my kampong, but I still regard Malaysia as my home).

I wanted to participate but I did not really know how to do a video on this. This is my first time. However, instead of doing my own vlog, I decided to video those closest to me.

I thought it would be more interesting to find out other people’s perspective on Merdeka. This was pretty impromptu and I took less than 2 minutes of their time recording them and they answered right away without having a script with them and having a lot of time to think. Some of the answers are funny but to me it’s clear that every one of us are proud and love our country in their own funny (and weird) way.

And yes, that voice at the end was me singing the Warisan song.

Credits to my colleagues and my siblings for participating! You guys are awesome for being such as sport!

The video I did was really an impromptu interview of my colleagues and siblings about what they love most about our country, Malaysia and what Merdeka means to them in conjunction with our upcoming Independence Day celebration :)

Thank you so much to the interviewees who participated so willingly. Thank you Veen Dee, Atika Tik, Sasha Yusof, Marissa Zamani, Azrina, Raja Khairul Anwar and Raja Ahmad Hariz.

So come and express your love for our beloved Malaysia through this contest! I’m sure anyone can be much much more creative than me.

Log on to celcomESCAPE.com to view those who have already participated (and have made really cool videos. These guys are really talented!!) and to know more about the contest.

Oh, I forgot to mention and you may just win prizes worth RM157,000!

Yes. That would be a quiteee happy merdeka to me.

So here’s how to participate:

Step 1
Make your own short video on your version of Merdeka! Shoot a video of up to 3 minutes in length with any device.  

Shoot a video that captures your love for Malaysia by featuring any person, any cause, any belief or anything that celebrates and promotes the legacy of Malaysia. Be patriotic and creative!

Step 2
Base your video on the theme “Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta”, the first line of Sudirman’s “Warisan”. What does that line mean to you?  Oh yeah, any part(s) of the song must be included in your video.

Step 3
Submit your video through a YouTube link or DVD by 16th September 2014.

For full contest details, log on to celcomESCAPE.com.

Now that you’ve seen my video, show me yours too. If you’ve uploaded it on youtube, share the link with me in the comments section. I would love to watch them.

I leave you all with this video from Narmi singing his version of Warisan.

Happy Merdeka Malaysians. 


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  1. kak 16 or 9 september due datenye??

  2. Hi Kak Sabrina,

    I usually just your silent reader, but today I feel like commenting.

    Many people aware that "Warisan" was sang by Sudirman. But sadly, not many knows who wrote that song so I think a bit recognition should be mention since after all he is the one who give the idea of this year's Merdeka theme "Di sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta".

    Here's where you can read about it.

    "On this day, I'd just like to share something abt this year's Merdeka theme, Di sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta.

    The line was taken from the song Warisan sung by Sudirman. I'm sure most of u are familiar with it since it's been played over n over again every year ard this time.

    The composer n lyricist of tht song is Syed Haron, my dad. His birthday is on the 15th of August so this year he got a nice present when they chose tht line as the official theme. He felt honoured.

    But I, as his daughter, felt a bit disappointed tht he was not acknowledged at all for it. He's used to not getting credits for his work but I think this is a bit too much. Just a mention of his name would be decent enough since he's still alive n well. Bukan nk suruh bayar or kasi title pun...

    If no one knew before this, well at least now my friends know. And I'm very proud of him! Happy birthday to us, Abah!

    By Ainul Aniha Syed Haron"

    p/s : Ainul is my sister in law and I appreciate if you can make your reader knows about it.

    Thank You Very Much :)