The Mini Bag Issue

11:00:00 PM

I need your help.

For those who have been following my look posts for awhile, you may have noticed that I have been wearing the same handbags for awhile. I don’t buy a lot of bags. I usually invest in one which I can wear many many times and it can be worn with most of my outfits. Other than the ones I purchase, I also steal my mother’s new as well as vintage handbags. And sometimes I receive gifts from those closest to me including my husband.

Yes, I admit. I spend on other stuffs more than I spend on handbags.

However, it is really high time for me to get myself a new handbag!

What do I do when I am looking for a new handbag?

First, I will decide on what type of handbag I will go for first.

This time around I am going to go for a mini handbag. Why? Because it is lighter and it will be easier to carry and it will limit me from carrying too many things! I have been getting comments from my new colleagues that I’ve been carrying too many things to and fro the office daily. Those close to me will also advise me that it is not good for my back. I know, I know. So here I am, in the search of a mini bag.

So by getting a mini bag, my goal is to bring much much lesser stuffs around. Hopefully it will work!

Colours? I am going for my favourite colour, blue. 

 Bobi Cross Body Bag by Kate Spade New York Sheltered Island Noha Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs

In this blogpost I have just attached my wishlist of bags I found on the net. I googled blue mini bags and somehow I landed on Here are some of my favorites. How can I only choose 1 to purchase?!?! I love them all. 

They are my favourites for different reasons. I am attracted to all of them.

There are a few things that I have to take into account though when I choose a bag. I should be able to wear it with anything and everything. I can wear it casually, for events or for work. Eventhough they are all mini bags, it has to be able to fit my large handphone at least! And most importantly, it has to be stylish!

That is all.

I know that is quite a lot of factors to take into account for just one bag!

Ridiculous right?

Because of that, I don’t think I am going to rush and purchase it straight away (like I sometimes do L blame my impulse!)  I’m going to do a little research…

Usually when I can’t decide on something I will ask people around me whether it suits me or not or whether I should get it. You know the tip, the one you can’t sleep thinking about it, is the one you should buy. So I guess I’ll have to sleep on it.

You know what, since they are all so nice and it is not that easy for me to choose can I ask my dear readers a favour pleaseee…

I’ve shortlisted the bags I like the most. Tell me, which one would you choose and why??? And which one do you dislike the most?

Sammy Cross Body Bag by Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

If you want to know further details about the bags, just click the links below the pictures.

Help me out okay please?

Thank you in advance! I appreciate the help very much.

(Maybe by the time I have finally decided to purchase one of it, it is already sold out because you bought it first??? Haha)


Murray Street Cross Body Bag by IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson Quilted Mini Affair Bag by Rebecca Minkoff.

I really hope that whatever I shared is useful and I am sure that if you share what you feel about the bags I will find it useful too since I’m not much of a bag person! Do share me if you have any other suggestions! I’ll be grateful for it. Thankssss.


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  1. Vote for boby cross body...kate spade..
    frm me.. ig name ncrwz..

  2. Nor Azira Mohd YunusAugust 26, 2023 at 11:49 PM

    Quilted mini affair bag.

  3. Love them all! I have the mini mac by RM. It is one versatile bag. You can wear it short strap, long strap, or just as a clutch. It's roomy too. I can carry my huge powerbank with no problem ;-)

    My least favourite may be the Bobi Cross by KS.

    The Marc Jacob's and Joy Gryson's are gorgeous too..goodluck! Let us know when you finally purchase one

  4. quilted mini affair rebecca minkoff. cz all of ur reasonings suit this the most

  5. I vote for Sheltered Island Noha Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs... because of its versatility.

    my least fav would be one from Kate Spade sebab macam biasa je. hehe :P

  6. Sheltered island noha!!

  7. my favourite are sheltered island noha and sammy cross body bag by rebecca minkoff.
    my least favourite is the one from kate spade.

  8. Mini mac by rebecca minkoff duhh it is a stetement piece!