Touching Down from Singapore : Farewell MH17

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When I was from Singapore going back to Kuala Lumpur in early June 2014, I wore a comfy and easy sleeveless dress with a printed jacket, both bought from H&M in Singapore together with a studded bag and Dian Pelangi shawl.

Straight from the airport after touching down, I went to see Nisa and Fadz for a long overdue eating session at Jibby & Co to try their much talked-about soft shell crab burger! (Gosh, why am I typing this while I am fasting? It was really delicious and now I'm craving for it....)

Then, we went to see Maleficent together at Subang Parade. I don't usually go that side of the town but I had a good time with them and I enjoyed the movie as I could relate to it in so many different levels.

Initially this post was supposed to be about this long overdue post on my airport look in Singapore, but I guess this post is also relevant for me to say something about the recent news affecting all of us Malaysians and the rest of the world.

In the past two months I've been travelling to four different countries on different occasions. 

Every time I was on the flight and the plane was about to take off I can't help but to wonder about the missing plane MH370.

Before I leave I would imagine what if it was my last flight. Especially the last trip overseas last week, I just felt so sebak to leave my family behind, my parents and my husband especially and I sought their forgiveness and asked them to pray for me so that I will come back home safely. I teared on the way to the airport though I was very much excited about the working trip.

They assured me that everything will be fine but I told them that anything can happen at anytime. Even if the trip was short, that's no guarantee that everything will be fine.

And now again, I was shocked to hear the horrible news yesterday about MH17. It really could have been any one of us on that plane.

We will all return to our Creator. Let's pray for the best. May God determine what's best for the passengers, crew on MH17 and their family members. 

Everything that happens is already pre-determined by our Creator. Innalillahiwainnailaihiroji'un. Nothing belongs to us, everything that exist belongs to Allah. Let's leave all our affairs in His hands.

May God strengthen the hearts of everyone affected especially their family and friends. May God protect us from the petty quarrels or squabbles which may distract us from the bigger picture. Amin. 

Fly high strong souls... 

May God raise their ranks in the Herafter for what they have to go through in this temporary world. May they be rewarded abundantly.  Not forgetting Gaza. Lets continuously pray for Gaza and let us hope for peace all around the world.

I just realised I haven't fully blogged about the trips to Singapore, Jakarta & Bandung yet! I'll get to it soon, insyaAllah.

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  1. Crazy things are happening in the world, subhanAllah. You look beautiful! :)

    1. Indeed. Scary times. Let's pray for a better future. God tests whom He loves.