Shiny Hieroglyphs

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Hello dear readers. Hope you are well and in the best of health!

When I wanted to blog about this look I asked my husband what do you call the print of pattern on my metallic top. I totally forgot what it is called. I remember reading about it somewhere some time ago but... I decided to ask my husband instead. He mentioned "hieroglyph".

A quick search of the word hieroglyph on Google  showed me that "hieroglyph (Greek for "sacred writing") is a character of the ancient Egyptian writing systemLogographic scripts that are pictographic in form in a way reminiscent of ancient Egyptian are also sometimes called 'hieroglyphs'."

Anyway, enough about that. Last Sunday, I went for an impromptu buka puasa with the husband and my parents at Grandmama's Pavvy. We had a lovely dinner and I really love the nyonya fish head curry! 

That day, I finally wore this metallic top I got years ago. Paired it with my nude flared chiffon skirt with a stretchable waistband, belt hook with attached drawstring belt and side pockets. It is fully lined too which is definitely a plus for me!

I got the skirt from Mizznina's brand and I love it! I know I will wear it often as I can mix and match it with a lot of things. 

The Khubs took the photos quickly after our buka puasa before we went to buy our new steamed iron at the same place.

Below are some photos he took during the day. I kinda prefer the indoor photos this time around. 

Outfit details :

Skirt : Natsu Skirt in Brown by Madeena from FV
Shawl : Madison Sofia Satin Golden Honey by Sugarscarf

Location : Pavilion , Kuala Lumpur
Photographer : Kneok


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