Monochromatic Teratai

1:02:00 PM

I am about to attend an event at KLCC this afternoon and they requested me to wear something formal and traditional.

Nothing can be more formal than black and white, and nothing can be more traditional than a baju kurung right?  I decided to wear a modern baju kurung today. 

I love fusion. 

Modern yet traditional. Strong yet feminine. Black and white.

Remember my post Monochromatic Elegance : Nora Danish x Fashion Valet ? Today, I am wearing one of the pieces from that collection, TERATAI. Love the understated elegance of this whole outfit. 

I love that the pieces can be  worn separately too. 

I'm leaving to go the event now. It's an event for a Raya video campaign for one of the biggest companies in Malaysia. Check out my blog to see my blogpost on that event. Bye!

Enjoy your last days of fasting!

Outfit details :

Dress : Teratai Modern Kurung with Black Sarong at FV
Shawl : dUCkscarves at FV
Location : Bukit Damansara
Photographer : Farid Rosli


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  1. love d dress, d cutting is delicately nice!

    1. Love it very much too. Simple, minimalist yet the cutting is very nice!

  2. Extremely beautiful! May i know what size are u wearing?

    1. Yes the baju kurung is extremely beautiful! I'm wearing size S.