Laced with Intricacies

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I haven't had the time to blog about the food, fashion and charity event I went hosted by Diana Danielle and emel by Melinda Looi because there are just too many pictures! Soon, if God wills it. However, I cannot wait to share my favourite outfit from Melinda Looi's raya 2014 collection!

So here is me in my Raya 2014 outfit paired with a satin silk scarf.

I love every detail of this traditional baju kurung. Intricate! I feel that the shimmery embroidered lace makes it very feminine, the embellishments make it very modern, the full pleats make it classy and the cutting makes the outfit simply elegant. The concealed back zipper is just great for easy access. I love that the straight cut full pleated skirt with elastic waist can be worn separately with other tops for a casual look.

There!!! Those are my thoughts on one of my favourite baju raya so far. Guess what, my mother loved it very much too so I got one for my mother too! Yay.

We have never actually worn the exact same outfit for Raya even since I was small. Not that I could remember at least. But, for an outfit as pretty as this I wouldn't mind at all to wear the same outfit as my mother. In fact, I kind of like the idea!

So, which piece from the Melinda Looi collection is your favourite? Check out the whole collection at Fashion Valet and tell me below k :)

Outfit details :

Dress : Embroidered Lace Kurung with Pleated Skirt in Pink by Diana Danielle X emel from Fashion Valet
Shawl : dUCkscarves at FV

Location : Housing area, Kuala Lumpur
Photographer : Kneok


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  1. caantiknyaa sis :)

    1. Thanks so much dear. Anyone memang akan nampak cantik in this baju. It's so nice Alhamdulillah ;)

  2. adore u sis !