Krabi 2 : Four Years of Riding the Waves of Challenges

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Today I feel like sharing my pictures with my husband all taken on 14th May 2014, the day we went to Au Nang, Krabi. We stayed at Au Nang which was a relaxing place with so many things to do near beautiful beaches.  The day we arrived, we just enjoyed the resort we stayed in (will blog about the place in another post), walked along a nearby beach and walked along the streets of Krabi. So many good restaurants and shops. The streets were really colourful! We even took a picture with a cute monkey the night we arrived! He has a certain phobia with monkeys after being attacked by one when he was small (haha look at his face in the picture at the end of this post!).

I wrote a bit about Krabi in Escapades : Krabi 1. Life has been a bit busy but I aim to share more about my trip to Krabi soon.

Anyways, 4 years ago from today, was the day I got married to my ex-boyfriend, and also my fiancé at the time. 9th July 2010 was the day Abdullah Khubayb aka @kneok became my husband. (See 10 months ago : Wedding Photos & Video)

It has been a rollercoaster ride, with our ups and downs. Like riding the waves of challenges in life and in marriage. Our challenges as a married couple began even before we were married. We have faced all kind of challenges, only both of us know. And some, only our family members and closest of friends know. Married life is indeed challenging. There are a lot of things trying to break us and bring us both down. But, Alhamdulillah with the support of the closest to us, that did not happen. It is the support of those closest to us when we are facing difficulties which is needed especially when you need help.

However, here we are, still married. Haha. We fight, we make up. We break up then we still got back together, every single day and night. Well, I guess our imperfections complete us. Our flaws and our weaknesses are completed by each others strengths. Despite all the challenges, there has also been a lot of happiness and joy from the union. This is promised by God. That marriage is a union to give us peace, contentment and happiness.

For better or for worse, you are mine. If God wills it. 

Happy 4th Anniversary to us. Alhamdulillah. 

Still a long way to go till we grow old and all.

May God guide us and strengthen our love till the end of time and till we meet again in heaven. May God make us better wife/husband for each other as we grow older.  

Our soul mates and life partners are destined by the Creator. Our flaws and imperfections are complemented and perfected by our partner. To make us whole. Two flawed souls combined into one. Imperfections are beauteous. I love the quote below:

"First best is falling in love. 
Second best is being in love. 
Least best is falling out of love. 
But any of it is better than never having been in love"  
~ Maya Angelou ~

New chapter. New beginnings. I believe God's plans are always better than our hopes, plans and dreams in the past. True enough :)

Everyday we move on to better things and rise above the past we left behind. We have both been blessed with a lot of gifts from Allah. Especially the best gift of all, our daughter in heaven, Putri Jibrael Zumirrah whose existence strengthened our bond. All praises to God. 

Everything comes from Him and everything will return to Him. Blessed for everything that He has borrowed us with.

May God make our love for Him, the One who created love, higher and deeper than any form of love towards His creations.



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  1. Happy Anniversary to you Breen and ur hubby! Wish you many2 years of love, and may you two be together till Jannah, aamiin. :)

    1. Amin ya rabbal'alaamiin ... Thank you for the prayer my dear..