Tenun & Skants in Jakarta

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Salam readers. :) Peace be upon all of you.

Finally, I have some time to blog! If you follow my Instagram account @rnadiasabrina you would know that I have been really busy travelling to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore for the past 3 weeks. Had an amazing time in all three countries. Good kind of busy! :) I went to Krabi for a short getaway, the weekend after I went to Jakarta to become one of the speakers for a talkshow at Sisterhood 2014 : Jakarta Here I Come, went on a roadtrip to Bandung with Dian Pelangi and Lulu el Hasbu together with Shea Rasol and Nurul and after that I also went to Singapore for a collaboration job! Everything happened so fast and came out as a wonderful surprise but I thank God for the opportunities He has given me to travel around His lands.

These three weeks, I must say that I have been so happy going to places, experience new things and meeting new friends overseas. Alhamdulillah. :)

I am going to blog about my travels in parts. But I still don't have my hard disk yet, I accidentally left it behind in Jakarta. So this is me sharing one of the looks I wore in Jakarta for the Sisterhood event. Thank you Riri (Siti Nuri) for emailing me the photos in this post all the way from Jakarta! :)

I will blog more on the event and the amazing time I had in Jakarta and Bandung.

At the event, I wore this tenun jacket and skants. I love the colour of the double-breasted tailored tenun jacket. I have mentioned so many times before in my blog how I love traditional or ethnic fabrics and also traditionally inspired fabrics. The only thing was that the size of the jacket was a bit too big for me. Initially I wore a belt outside of the blazer to give my waist some definition but then I imagined wearing the blazer like the Olsen twins. You know how they always wear big sized blazers? Yeah. So I wore it loose throughout the whole day. I cannot decide which look I prefer! Two different looks in this post achieved just by wearing the blazer in different ways, one with belt outside and the other with the belt inside! And another look without the blazer! Hehe.

What's a "skants"? Basically it's a skirt and pants. I love that it's very elegant and sweet looking and still very minimal. It looks like I am wearing a skirt but it's actually pants.

At first I wore my Corgi heels but later on I decided to change to my pumps since I realised that it is going to be a whole day event and there is going to be a whole lot of walking the whole day.

My looks and outfit shots in Indonesia were all taken by Shea Rasol and in return I took her outfit / OOTD shots too.  It was quite fun taking each other's photos! We totally understand each other. Haha. 

I will blog more on my travels, Insyallah when I get my hard disk back. 

Wait for it!

Outfit details :
Blazer : Beige Kayana by Cottonink from Emenza
Skants : Aprilia available soon at Emenza
Arm Candies : Gift by my mother
Bag : Marc Jacobs (my mother's)
Shoes : Corgi and Salvatore Ferragamo
Shawl : Paripari by Hasanah Hilmi

Location : Fave Hotel lobby, Jakarta Indonesia
Photographer : Shea Rasol


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  1. your top looks like it's from Gaya. Olivia dusty pink hehehe.