Nude Red Bricks v.2 + The People

6:21:00 PM

I must warn you that this post is filled with so many pictures of my outfit that day and also the cool people I met that particular day! :D

On 21st May 2014, my SIL Syahira Zakaria invited me to accompany her and spend the day with her for her photoshoot with a new international fashion portal.

I was happy to tag along, and it turns out I became her makeup artist and photographer for one or her outfits too. See Maleficent vs Sleeping Beauty. I made her up and took photos of the Sleeping Beauty looks. Hehe. And she wore a skirt I designed which made me happy! :)

This was the first time I made up someone else, and I was quite happy with the results, knowing that I was able to make up someone else! Thanks Sya for trusting me to paint your face! I tried to keep it as minimal and natural as possible as she is naturally very pretty and flawless. ZT told me to put on the red lipstick instead of the nude and I liked the look when Sya and I took photos together! Coincidentally matching.

In return of me taking the photos and doing the makeup, Sya took some nice photos of me.. hehe. :p

I also met the founder of the brand, who had worked for many many years in the UK before starting her own fashion company. She shared with me her career path, also being a law graduate. We also talked about life choices and a lot of other stuffs on life.

There is always a point where you have to sit down and think about your career paths and life choices. In fact, you should do it regularly, maybe once every few years just to make sure you are on the right track or at the very least, the track that you choose is what you expected it to be and what you are happy doing.

I had a fun time chilling at their office together with the founder, my SIL and some other cool girls. They belanja'ed us nasi ayam too! 

Before we left to the location I dropped by my old office and met my dearest Dian Farhana. Bought almost all the collection of clothings I designed for the previous fashion company I was attached with. Miss her, Dian. :)

Anyways, I quite liked the colour combination that I wore in The Red Duck, so this time around I switched, wearing a nude scarf and top and putting it with this lovely red skirt.

I cannot decide which combo I prefer, this one or the one in The Red Duck. What do you think?

Outfit details :
Top : Yadotsa
Skirt : Lanastore
Shawl : Sooka Scarf at Ilovetudung
Arm Candies : Juicy Couture 
Bag :  Casual bag from Portobello Road Market London 
Shoes : Salvatore Ferragamo

Location : Damansara Performing Arts Centre
Photographer : Syahira Zakaria


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