Chilling with Photographers : Langston Hues in KL

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If you read my post Meet & Greet and Modest Street Fashion : Behind-the Scenes you would know who Langston Hues is. He is a streetstyle international photographer and he has been travelling around the world to capture modest street fashion for a book which will be released this year. I think it's a wonderful project. I was his follower on Instagram waaaaay before I knew he was coming to KL and I jumped at the chance to meet him.

He took my picture for the book earlier this year which was fun and we had lunch together with my friends and also with Iman Salam and Indah Nada Puspita (see her post on that day here). I got to know more about Langston but I wouldn't say we knew each other very well. 

But fate would have it that our paths would meet again when we collaborated for a brand who brought us to Singapore, 2 weeks ago. My husband accompanied me and the both of them hit it off pretty well. Langston is an avid football fan and he and my husband can talk about football all day. Especially since it's now world cup season! We became a lot closer after the trip.

Talking about Singapore... hmmm.. Reminds me that I have a lot of behind-the-scenes photos on the Singapore brand photoshoot to share on the blog. And also, Langston also just transferred all unedited photos of the photoshoot to me yesterday!!! His work is amazing! Can't wait to share it here too. Wait for it! :D So many awesome photos Langston took and I have trouble choosing them! Haha. 

Anyways, we found out that Langston was going to be in KL for two nights through his instagram so we definitely wanted to bring him around. The husband and I had a great time with Langston this past two nights! And now he is already back in Jakarta. 'Travelling Man', I remember he said that is one of his favourite songs from one of my favourite rappers Mos Def which I liked too! Old school. Hehe.

It's interesting to be Langston as he travels around a lot and gets to meet lots of new people and make a lot of friends everywhere around the world. Travelling and exploring different cultures. I think that's really great. He is really living his life.

On the first night, 11th June 2014 we met up with Langston who was with Fleuri Paramita. Fleuri is an Indonesian entrepreneur who just so happened to be in KL on the same day as Langston.  I had always wanted to meet her so I was very happy to meet her together with Langston. Fleuri is an interesting and inspirational entepreneur and she has a lot of interesting life experiences: on how she came to own her own factory in Indonesia, the recent controversial incident of the Muslimah fashion event in US when she travelled to Penssylvania and New York, and even some very 'interesting' stories on her travels. And I also found out that she has been staying in KL for quite a while.

Suddenly all our travel stories came out that night! Funny ones! My jaws were aching because we laughed too much Astaghfirullah. It was fun.

Langston is amazingly humble too. In Singapore, Langston asked me who were the top photographers in Malaysia. I mentioned a few names including Annas Easkey. After showing him Annas' work on instagram, he told me that he really wanted to meet  Annas and asked me to arrange a meet with him. So when Langston came over here, I texted Annas to see if he could meet up with Langston. Annas came a bit later for drinks and the two of them met and became friends almost instantly. Another funny session it was. :D

On the second night 12th June 2014, we also took Langston out for supper. The photographer Faris Fakri joined us too. We chatted about conspiracy theories, oil, football and also our ancestors from the time of Adam. How from Adam and Eve, everyone in this world has very different looks now. Amongst other topics. We were so engaged in the interesting conversations till almost 2 am

The husband  & I also had the pleasure of introducing Langston to mamak food roti canai, roti tisu and roti boom while I enjoyed my ox tongue soup. Langston has promised he will only try the ox tongue the next time he is in Malaysia which I hope won't be too long from now. :) 

Have a good time in Jakarta dude!


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