The Red Duck

8:27:00 PM

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be :) Of course, every day is mother's day and I'm sure all of us show our appreciation to our mothers daily. Today is just the official worldwide recognition of it :D

I'm sure some of you have waited in anticipation for the Duckscarves. The build-up promo behind Duckscarves is very unique and I was one of those who was eagerly anticipating the release! When the Duckscarves were officially sold on FV that Monday morning, I was a little caught up in something else and when I logged on almost all the colours were sold out! I could've missed out~!!~

Anyways, I received my red Duck Scarf last Wednesday and it just so happened that I had a lunch appointment with the dear Vivy Yusof that Thursday! Well I decided to wear my Duckscarf, and she wore it too, only in a different colour. She wore yellow, and together we were pretty much representing both Selangor and McD. What are the odds? I'm Lovin It! 

The last time I met Vivy for lunch was a few months ago, late last year, near my old office at Publika. We chit-chatted for a few hours and last Thursday was no different except that both our husbands, Khubayb and Fadza joined us too.

It was fun to find out that we had so many similarities. Both of us have been in a relationship with our spouses for 8 years, both our husbands are our favorite personal OOTD photographers, all four of us use the same hand phones with the exact same colour (the wives in ivory and the husbands in black) and all of us are law graduates (well except Fadza). Inter alia (Among others).

We had a lovely lunch in Bangsar at G3, Kitchen & Bar. 

I remember Vivy told me last year in confidence (well its not much of a secret now.. hehe) of her intention to launch the scarf line and I was so excited to see it! I wasn't the only one. All the colours released were sold out in one day! Congratulations on the first release Vivy! 

The scarf is of good material crepe and has a cute duck charm bearing the duck logo. It's also quite wide as well so I can style it in so many ways. 

Since it is a bright red colour I decided to wear all nude to bring out the colour of the scarf. I wore one of my mother's pants again!

After our lunch we went to see her son Daniel! Wheee.. I was so happy to finally meet the handsome Daniel in person. He was scared of me though haha. But so geram. He was even cuter than the pictures and videos on Instagram! Ggggrrrr...

Thanks for lunch Vivy, I hope I'll see more of you and Daniel soon :)

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  1. so fiery red <3 loveeee the colour >_<

    Bloobs Blurbs II

  2. Daniel is sooo cuteee....

  3. May I know whether wearing an image of animal (duck) is permissible in Islam? ???

  4. Hey there. I really love the way you style the shawl. Would love to try it on me. Is there any tutorial that I can follow?