Surprise! A special birthday post for Uncle K : Expect the Unexpected XII

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Just 2 nights ago, the Tuesday on the 1st of April 2014 was my brother’s 23rd birthday. My husband was in Laos for work since last Monday morning. The rest of us siblings planned to surprise Khairul with a cake.

So my SIL Syahira suggested a Victorian sandwich cake made by her friend as the normal cake we usually get for birthdays would be either chocolate indulgence, chocolate cheese or chocolate banana cake. Basically it’s a sponge cake, topped with strawberries and filled with strawberry jam and delicious cream. Yummy. Thanks to Sya, we finally tried something new!

I went to get some fancy candles near my office after work.

My mother cooked green curry since we said we were going to have dinner at home.

After we were done with dinner and were just chit chatting as usual, I couldn’t hide and blushed when I suddenly busted laughing and pretended I was blushing because of a facial mask I just wore. Because Khairul came out of the kitchen and asked us “whose ice lemon tea was in the fridge”. The cake was in the fridge! In my mind, he would have seen the cake in the fridge since he just opened up the fridge. I could have been a better actress by ignoring it but I couldn’t contain it and laughed about the ‘facial mask’ I wore. Cover up, fail. Gosh!

Khairul being polite and thoughtful did not show that he guessed anything.

My dad played the role of distracting Khairul upstairs before we surprised him with the cake. It was quite kelam kabut and funny, come to think of it. I don’t know what they did upstairs.

When the candles were already lit, my dad called Khairul down for a discussion.

Khairul came down. Before he could see us in the dark, we sung happy birthday! He did not seemed surprised but just smiled all the way. Haha.

He actually expected it all along.

Just before he blew the candles on the cake, he made a silent prayer while closing his eyes. (I am pretty sure I’m included in the prayer as well together with the whole family :p hehe)

Just before the night ended and just before Khubayb my husband came back from KLIA (he was stuck in a massive jam) Khairul made my mother and I cry.

My dad and the rest pushed him to give a short speech. Instead, he wrote an impromptu poem. He typed it on his phone for about 5 minutes and read it. I asked my youngest brother Hariz to record it using my camera. Here’s a video of it for memories sake :) 

It teared me.

Heartfelt. Khairul always makes me cry during events like birthdays or raya! It must be because I used to make him cry when he was a baby! Bad sister. Hehe.

All in all. It was a quality time well spent at home, fun and heartfelt.

To My brother Raja Khairul Anwar,

Putri Jibrael Zumirrah’s uncle K,

Thanks for being there as a younger brother, my eldest guy sibling after me. You are 7 years younger than me but you don't seem like it most of the time. Not saying that you look older or anything but it's just that you are very matured, thoughtful, responsible & reliable as a young man. You will always be the baby brother I grew up with, but there are times when I forget that and see you as my elder brother instead especially in my time of weaknesses through difficult times or hardships.

This past few years have been a trying time for us but you've proven to always put family above everything else and that puts me to shame at times. When I forget, you remind me. I have learnt a lot from you.

I remember how what you wrote in the black book always made me smile in the hospital and after I was out from the hospital. J #strength4jibrael

Here is the note you wrote for Jibrael 4 days after I was admitted into the hospital carrying Jibrael, four days after my birthday.

I remember, there was a moment in the middle of the night at the hospital after Jibrael left this world when you held down my shoulders, shook me up to remind me of the truth. I was tearing and weeping but you shook me out of it. It was just you and me at that time. Abang Khubayb was at the surau. I was looking for him. I felt empty. But, you were so strong. Thank you for being strong for Abang Khubayb, me and Jibrael at that time. You told me, you feel like crying but you could not, you contained it at that time, because you had to be strong for me and the rest of the family. You did really well. I will never forget that moment.

You were there when they pushed me into the dependency unit, just before they pushed me into the labour room. You were blessed to witness Jibrael's strength and beauty when she was still alive in the NICU. I remember I introduced Jibrael to you as “Uncle Khairul”. She must be smiling for her Uncle K from up above kan as you read this and for all the things you have done for her, me and Abang Khubayb? :)

It’s your final year reading law this year and I pray all the best for you always. Continue being the responsible and caring son and brother that you are now and insyaAllah you’ll be a good husband and a good father to your kids too one day.

InsyaAllah Nina and Abang Khubayb will be there for you always. Happy Birthday from both of us. May God grant you eternal happiness and bless you with His Love and contentment always. May we all reunite in Jannah. Jibrael will get to meet his Uncle K again insyaAllah. Love you very much my dear brother, Khairul.

Below are the photos from the memorable night. :)



Expect the Unexpected I : The Call, the Painting, The Gift of Love, The Place & The Office.


Oh God, 
cleanse our hearts 
from hypocrisy (nifaq),
our actions 
from pride (riya' / showing off),
our tongue 
from lying,
our eyes 
from watching treachery.
For surely You know what is hidden within.

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