A Geisha Sparty Treat

10:32:00 PM

Today, a new chapter in my life has begun. Relieved. :) All praises to God.

However, I'm not going to talk about that. :p I'm going to talk about what happened that one Sunday with my uni girlfriends. :)

Pampering session. Relaxation treat. Rejuvenate with the girls.

A time to relax and unwind.

So my unimates organized a spa treat session on 19th April 2014 for our dear friend Amirah Ausi, who is getting married next month. They planned this for months! To be honest I haven’t been out of my house the past week before that. As mentioned in a previous post, I was unwell. (See Cooking#1)

They had arranged for this meet up for a few months already. A group spa treat at Villa Manja at Jalan Damai off Jalan Tun Razak near my old house.

I’ve been friends with most of them since year 2002, twelve years ago. They are all my unimates who read law together with me, the ones I spent most of my times with during those five years of university. 1 year at matriculation and 4 years and a half in main campus. Most of us were classmates since matriculation. 

Think I wrote a lot about them in Rainbow Tujo Brunch, NiesaCarcossa, Birthday Breakfast at Barberra and many more. I know I like to repeat myself but I’ll try not to do that here. :D I am blessed to have them in my life. Alhamdulillah.

We arrived at Villa Manja at Jalan Damai and received a hot stone massage for about one hour and half. I must say that my body really needed that treatment at that time as I had a draining whole week as I was unwell. It helped me to slowly get better and gain back my energy. 

After the awesome treatment we chit-chatted, had a good catch up and played table games like “How Well Do You know Mira” game. :)

The other game was creating origami. I did not want to play initially and wanted to just be the judge but Nuzul didn’t allow me to escape! I was tasked to do an origami box! It seems like ages ago, but I was suddenly reminded of how I was so into origami yearrssss ago. I even remembered that I personally (and of course nicely forced my brothers to help me) folded and handmade origami boxes as door gifts (which I used to put watercolour paint and handmade notes) for guests during my engagement with Khubayb!

Back to the Spa Treat… We received awesome goodies that day! Food was good too! Diana cooked and the spa prepared some good food for us too! Good job organisers!

So happy that Mira enjoyed herself. She was really surprised so much that she cried. We recorded a video of her speech. (See below)

I had a good time taking their photos. I was not in most photos because I was the self-appointed official photographer for the day… Right. :p

Enjoy the photos ladies. It sure was a memorable day. I cannot remember the last time we actually spent so much time together. Probably back in uni? Hehe.

Sorry I still wasn’t too well that day but I am glad I did go after persuasion from some of you. I felt more relaxed and rejuvenated and I am glad I did as it was not easy to get to meet.

Mira told me that she has not met her future husband for weeks and the plan is not to see him till the wedding day so that she can spend more time with family and friends (while stressing out over the preparations!). I find that idea awesome! In this day and age, that is not something we usually do. Some would say that it is old fashioned. But, I personally think it is a great thing that they decided to do that.

Mira, thank you for spending the many hours with your friends nearing your wedding day. I’m glad I went even though I wasn’t that well. The wedding is going to be beautiful, if God wills it. J See you soon Mrs Azi to be!


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