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Salam Seni.    Salam Sejahtera.    Salam Puisi.

So I was invited to read, recite and sing a poem for “Kata Suara : Puisi, Suara suara Alternatif Dunia” on 16th March 2014 in conjunction with World Poetry Day (Hari Puisi Sedunia). The World Poetry Day actually falls on 21st March 2014. The event, Kata Suara was held at R A Fine Arts the Gallery, Publika and I was invited alongside more than 40 other distinguished and very talented poets new and senior including two National Laureates (Sasterawan Negara). I felt humbled and excited to share the same platform with them. Extremely honoured and lucky. 

I managed to take some pictures and 4 videos of other performances at the event to share with my lovely readers.


I chose my dad’s poem called Salam Damai (A Message of Peace). I first performed this poem together with my best friends Ruzana Ibrahim and Siti Muyassarah Rusli in 2003 at Rumah Yayasan Kesenian Perak for an event called “Anti-Perang” (Anti-War) where they launched a book, a collection of poems by poets, writers and film-makers from all over Malaysia, including Baha Zain (Sasterawan Negara), Muhammad Hj. Salleh (Sasterawan Negara), Siti Zainon, U-Wei, A Samad Ismail, A Samad Said (Sasterawan Negara), Zakaria Ali, etc as well as sketches from artists including Tan Sei Hon, the late Syed Ahmad Jamal, Mansor Ghazali and others.

Below is the video of me singing the poem recorded by my husband Abdullah Khubayb.

I began my reading with,

“Assalamu’alaikum… Salam Seni. Salam Puisi. Salam Sejahtera. Hari ini sempena Hari Puisi Sedunia saya akan mendeklamasikan (stutter) atau melagukan sebuah puisi yang ditulis oleh ayah saya sendiri Raja Ahmad Aminullah pada 4 April 2003.”

“Peace be upon all of you… Today in conjunction with World Poetry Day I am going to recite or sing a poem written by my dad on 4th April 2003.”

*Now, how do I translate salam seni, salam puisi and salam sejahtera?* Wonder why my hands were at the back throughout the whole performance? I was so nervous and did not want to let my shaky & trembling hands show! 

Anyway, below is the poem I sung which was written in Bahasa Malaysia and translated into English.

Message of Peace
we come
with a whisper
delivering a greeting of concern
shaking and knocking      
the door of your heart      

we come
without the roar of a missile      
the blast of a bomb           
the screams of children and the grief of their parents        

we come
without the ring of the bullets   
without the spray of the agent orange chemicals
that rained down in Vietnam
all those years ago

we come
with the quiet voice of the artists
to wake you up
to your senses

we know
these words
will not change the world
like bullets, bombs, sermons and lectures
and your cruelty and violence

but we believe
these voices
will sip in
to transform the cultures of the world

but we also believe
and cruelty
will be buried
in the dustbins of history

and carved
in the passage of memory

Salam damai                                                      
kami datang                                                                      
dengan bisikan lembut                                        
membisikkan salam prihatin                            
pintu hati dan batinmu                                                  

kami datang                                                                      
tanpa ngauman peluru berpandu                  
ledakan bom                                                          
yang disusuli                                                         
jeritan bayi dan ratapan ayah ibunya          <------- a="" me="" meaning="" new="" now="" o:p="" to="">

kami datang                                                                      
tanpa dentuman peluru                                                 
simbahan asid agent orange                            
yang menghujani Vietnam                                
sekian tahun yang lalu                                       

kami datang                                                            
dengan suara lembut seniman                         
untuk menggetar                                                  
rasa dan deriamu                                                

kami tahu                                                               
kata-kata ini                                                          
tak akan mengubah dunia                                
seperti peluru - bom - khutbah - ceramah 
serta kezaliman dan keganasanmu                

tapi kami yakin                                                     
suara-suara ini                                                     
akan menyelinap masuk                                    
merubah mentransformasi citra budaya dunia     

tapi kami yakin                                                     
dan kezaliman ini                                                 
akan terbenam                                                      
dalam kantung sampah                                     

dan terpahat                                                          
dalam memori zaman                                        

4 April 2023

The poem is available in Soulship / Menyarung Jiwa by Raja Ahmad Aminullah and also in the book "Sajak-sajak 3 Seniman Kata Dan Rupa" (page 112) the launching of which I attended at Sheraton Hotel. (Will blog about that too) Both books are available in major bookstores. If you are in Publika you can also get the books from R A Fine Arts, the Gallery Publika. (See my previous post on an event there, Game On for the address of the gallery)

Victor Pogadaev reading poetry in Malay Language and Russian language recorded by Abdullah Khubayb.

Glad I recorded the performance of a poem titled "Kita Semua Masih Disini" by Fazleena Hishamuddin expressing herself through poetry with beautiful background music.

I remember I bought her book of poetry titled Seksi Ovari some time during my confinement last year early 2013 and enjoyed reading her thoughts and poetry.

"Engkaukah Itu" by Raja Ahmad Aminullah recorded by Abdullah Khubayb. 

I wore top and belt from ARNADIA by @gayacollective. I'll blog about the complete outfit details soon ya!

"Life is Like A Straight Line" by Rayza Mukmin

Rayza Mukmin expressing himself through poetry using a string as props with some background music.


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